Little Known Facts About Bathing Suits

From fitness apparels to women’s bathing suits, there are many interesting facts about them. Today, let’s talk about interesting facts about wearing suits that will make your eyes pop.

  • Did you know that in Australia, men’s bathing suits were known as’ budgie smugglers’? It’s a giggle inducing nickname that has been around since the 90s. It’s also added in the Oxford Dictionary in 2016. This name is a type of parakeet. 
  • You would know that the first women’s bathing suits were like gowns. They were made of heavy fabrics like wool and flannel. Surprising right? Women usually wore bathing suits with pants or bloomers. There were other accessories to accommodate the look like socks, shoes and hats. Unfortunately, the fabrics and accessories made it very difficult for the women to enjoy their beach day and stay afloat. 
  • Another surprising thing is that some women like Martha Washington sewed lead weights in the hems of their bathing gowns. This was to prevent the skirts from floating upwards. That’s surprising and funny. Isn’t it? This was done to enjoy your modesty in the womens bathing suits. However it could have caused drowning and it wasn’t worth it. This is why the new variety of women’s bathing suits, fitness apparel, women’s bikini tops, bikini bra tops has come into existence. 
  • In 1937 it was illegal for men to gotopless in American beaches. Seeing the male nipple was a stigma in the US. Lawmakers defended the rule in Atlantic City by saying that they didn’t want gorillas on the beaches. And then mens bathing suits are designed to allow them to show off their chest. 
  • In 1932 mens bathing suits almost looked like shorts and shorts attached along with a zipper. Soon, men started wearing their bathing suits on the beaches. 
  • Another amazing fact is that police used to monitor beaches and measure the length of womens bathing suits. Surprising, right? There were many women arrested if they violated the strict dress code and regulations at the beach. There were measurements of the skirts and how long their skirts were among many other things. This was a part of the beach ritual. 
  • Initially,women used to change their bathing suits in wooden carts. These were dropped into the water by horses so that no one got a glance of the body. This was because of modesty in 1800 and 1900. It was thought that women should not be seen in bathing suits on land at all. So they made a building machine which was a private place for them to slim into something more about and avoid the eyes of fellow beachgoers.
  • In 1907 in Boston, an Australian swimmer was arrested for indecent exposure for wearing a women’s bathing one piece suit. This woman’s bathing suit revealed her arms and legs. At that time swimmers, who did not show off anything above the knee, were considered decent. She had designed the suit for herself and was publicly the first woman to wear womens bathing suit even if it didn’t end well for her. But later her women wearing bathing suit design eventually inspired the first women’s Olympic swimsuits in 1912. This was a sweet justice for the sweet mermaid.
  • Until the 20th century, women swam holding a rope attached to a buoy. This was because their bathing suits were more than 20 lbs. It was fun as well as a restriction for women while swimming. 
  • Later, an Organization made a women’s bathing suit out of rubber that peeled off in the water. This was not done on purpose. The seamless rubber companies womens wedding souls got very hot and clammy and would often just come right off. The latter used the same material for manufacturing rubber bathing caps. 
  • Then there was another organization that invented a bathing suit for skinny dipping. It was more like a bikini made in 1946. There was a cork buckle attached to the bottom. If any woman wanted to go for a skinny Dip, she would tie the top to the buckle and allow both parts to float. That’s how women used to swim. 

We hope you loved these interesting facts about women’s bathing tops. Now, you can order online fitness apparel in Canada just in a few clicks. Digital era has broken all the shopping records. No hassle. No restrictions. Find your favorite swimsuit online and order it right away. 

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