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We are glad that you are showing interest in writing a guest post for ishapost.com

Writers, we welcome you to our platform, where accurate information with backed up data and facts are presented to offer informative content to our viewers, and because we are one of the fastest growing startup websites on the internet, visitors are constantly looking at our website for the latest stories, news and articles, which is why we are currently offering you the opportunity to write for us. 

Right now, we are offering an amazing opportunity for writers across the globe to come and work with us so they can share their content and informative blogs or articles. 

For those writers that are planning to write for us, all you have to do is send your content to us at avarogers021@gmail.com. Once we review the content, we are going to send you a quote on how much we would be charging for your article to be posted on our platform, and in case we are to ask for some changes, we will inform you too.

Please do note that quality is what matters to us the most. If we do not find your article fit for our platform, we will let you know with a rejection email. 

Guidelines For Article Submission 

Here are some of the guidelines that we have for our article submission: 

  • Your article should have over 600 words.
  • Your article should pass our plagiarism checker software to avoid any spam content violations.
  • Your article should be useful to our readers.
  • Your article should only have 2 self-serving links. The first link should be to your website, which could be a no-follow or a do-follow link and the other could be to your high authority website. 
  • Your article can only be published on our website, which means you cannot re-publish it on your website. 
  • Your article file should have high-quality images and videos involved to keep our readers attracted. 
  • Your images and videos should not violate any copyrights when posted on our platforms. Please do keep in mind, you need to give credit to the real owner of the creator of the images that you are using. 
  • Your article will be reviewed by one of our writers before it is uploaded on our platform. 

Who Can Write For Us?

If you wish to write for us, all you have to be is a good writer. You can be working for your own company, any startup company, a group of writers or even as a freelancer, we will accept your articles as long as they can allow our website’s users to learn something.

Please do keep in mind that your writing skills should be capable of offering proper and accurate or unique insights to our users. Topics such as how to, success stories and informative articles are accepted. You can also write articles that offer advice and insights about how your experience has helped yourself in certain aspects of life. 

What Are The Benefits Of Writing For Us?

Here are some of the many benefits that you will be getting if you write for us: 

  • High Back Traffic
  • Increases website domain authority
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility
  • Create strong connections
  • Get more recognition in your industry 
  • Higher ranking in certain keywords on search engine 

Please do keep in mind that these are just some of the many benefits that you will be getting if you decide to write for us. 

Some Guest Posts That Are Present On Our Platform

Here is a list of guest posts that are currently live on our platform: 

Insert links here

Please do note that these are just samples of how and what live links would look like for the articles that you will be submitting to us. 

Important Note For Writers

If you are planning to write for us, please make sure that you only contact us for paid posts. For questions and queries about our pricing and our latest guidelines for articles to be posted on our platform, you can contact us at avarogers021@gmail.com and alicewalker2k18@gmail.com. We usually take anywhere from 1 to 3 working days to respond to your questions and queries.

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