About Former Pastor Byron Yawn Age, Net Worth, and Family

Celebrities having an affair is so common nowadays, right? Baseball player Ben Zobrist’s wife, Julianna, is having an affair with former Pastor Byron Yawn. 

Have you heard about Julianna, Zobrist, and Byron Yawn? If not, then on this blog, you will learn who they are, where they met, and how all of these got started. 

Who is Byron Yawn?

According to Journal star reports, In Nashville’s Community Bible Church, Byron Yawn was the former pastor where he met the couple Ben Zobrist and his wife, Julianna. The report says Zobrist accused Pastor Byron Yawn of having an affair with his wife Julianna and took his charity money. Zobrist also said Julianna wants to divorce her.  

The World Series champion who played for the Chicago Cubs and won two times, Zobrist decided to take a 4 months break in 2019 to focus on his marital problems. 

Byron Yawn Pastor Age

Byron Yawn Pastor was born on 4, March 1970, in the United States of America. So, Byron Yawn is 52 years old.

About Byron Yawn’s wife and children

Yawn’s wife, Robin, and Byron spent their childhood together, as they used to live across the street in Alabama. The report says the couple was high school sweethearts. And eventually got married and had 3 children, Lauren, Wade, and Blake.

Byron Yawn and Julianna Zobrist’s affair 

Byron Yawn met Julianna and Zobrist at Nashville’s Community Bible Church. That’s when Yawn and Julianna started having an extramarital affair. And to keep their affair hidden, both have burner phones to communicate. When Robin learned about the burner phone, she warned Byron to tell Julianna to inform Ben about the burner phone, or she will.

Byron Yawn’s Net Worth

It is reported that Byron Yawn’s net worth is around $2 to $3 million.


Is Byron Yawn still married to Robin Yawn?

There is no news that confirms whether Byron and Robin are still together. However, the Zobrists’ divorce case might disclose the doubt about this matter. 

Is Byron Yawn still a Preacher?

No, Byron Yawn is no longer a Pastor at Nashville’s Community Bible Church.


Byron Yawn is a happily married man until he had an affair with Julianna, whom he met at Nashville’s Community Bible Church as a former preacher. Because of this, Yawn has been sued and lost about 8$ million. 

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