6 Best Iron Rich Foods to Fight Anemia

Are you constantly suffering from low energy levels? Or is your skin becoming pale? 

You might be suffering from anemia or blood deficiency. Anemia is a common condition that occurs when you don’t have enough red blood cells in your body. 

Anemia – What is it All About? 

Many women become anemic during pregnancy. Other than this, anemia could be due to any existing medical condition or it could be in your genes and may come from aging. Overall, there are many different forms of anemia but the most common one is the type of anemia that comes due to low iron levels in the body. In this type of anemia, dietary insufficiencies are the major reason. 

Though anemia isn’t a very dangerous condition, sometimes it can bring along many complications. For instance, a friend of mine developed anemia to an extent that ended up blocking her food pipe leading to a condition known as Plummer Vinson Syndrome. Later she went to the best hematologist in Lahore who treated her for the condition. 

Common Signs of Anemia

Well, there are many common signs and symptoms of anemia. Long before you are diagnosed with a decreased hemoglobin level, there are many other indicators of anemia. Here is what having anemia can look like.

  • Feeling exhausted throughout the day
  • Hair fall
  • Pale skin
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling low throughout the day

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia is way more than just having a low hemoglobin level. Sometimes anemia can become severe. Iron deficiency is one of the most common reasons behind anemia. When people don’t have enough iron in their foods they are more likely to suffer from anemia. 

Best Iron Rich Foods for Anemia

In this case of anemia, the problem is generally cured by adding more and more iron-rich foods to your diet. If you are someone who has been recently diagnosed with the condition then making wise food choices can help you to get rid of the problem. Here are some of the best food choices that can help you to get rid of the problem generally.

1- Leafy Greens

Whenever it comes to achieving good health, consuming raw fruits and vegetables usually comes as one of the easiest options to begin with. So, as the case with iron-rich foods! 

Yes, adding more and more leafy green vegetables to your diet can help you to get rid of iron deficiency anemia. Some of the leafy greens that you can add to your diet include spinach, kale, collard green and turnip greens etc. Make smoothies, eat them raw or in any other form make sure to consume them in good amounts. 

Be mindful that whenever you consume these foods, make sure you are taking enough vitamin C as this is crucial for the absorption of dietary iron in your body. 

2- Organ Meat

You may not love organ meat but if you know its benefits, you are less likely to push it aside.

For this very reason, this is next on the list of iron-rich foods. Iron meat is quite rich in iron and can be a good addition to your anemia friendly diet. Some of the best examples of organ meat can be liver, heart and kidney meat. 

3- Nuts and Fruits

Just like all other foods, nuts and seeds are one of the best iron-rich foods to add to your diet. These seeds and nuts are known for their exceptional nutritional profile that can let you stay healthy. One of these benefits come from its role in fighting anemia naturally. Pumpkin seeds and kishmish are particularly important in this regard. 

4- Beans

For people who don’t want to go for animal-based food sources to get rid of iron-deficiency anemia, there are some of the plant based options they can rely upon. One such food is the use of beans. These beans provide multiple benefits. Not only are these beans super healthy but are also inexpensive and can be used in several ways. 

Make your bean curry, add beans to your salad or whatever way you like it, beans are just a really good addition to your every diet. 

5- Fortified Foods

Just like all these iron-rich foods, there are fortified food products that make iron-rich foods. Adding these readily available foods can help you to achieve great health and make your struggle with iron-deficiency anemia quite manageable. You can find a variety of options when it comes to choosing fortified foods. 

6- Tofu

If you are a cheese lover, then tofu can be your favorite on the list of iron-rich foods. Tofu is one of the greatest iron sources that you can add to your diet. Yes, the reason is the good nutritional profile of tofu that gives you enough reason to add this to your diet.

Bottom Line!

Iron-deficiency anemia is a common condition that can be easily prevented and treated by making the right food choices. When it comes to treating anemia with foods, iron-rich foods are surely one of the easiest ways. Also, please know that supplements and vitamins are an effective way to treat anemia as well.. 

All the foods mentioned above can be your sure shot to treat the condition. However, make sure to keep an eye on your symptoms and seek out immediate help as soon as you start experiencing any concerning signs and symptoms.


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