Cool Things To Draw With Your Kids – Fun And Creative Activities

Planning to draw but having  a hard time finding cool things to draw?  Don’t worry, we got you! 

Below, we have listed down some of the best and coolest things to draw with your kids so you can have quality time with them during your free time while trying out some fun and creative activities! 

35 Cool Things To Draw With Your Kids

Here are some of the best cool things to draw with your kids

  • Dancing man

A dancing stick man is one of the easiest to draw if you are trying to make something easy and fun with your little kids. 

  • Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses and eyes are some of the best ones to start with if you’re trying to get your kids into art! 

  • Bird

A bird with a touch of the sky is something that you should look at if you want to come up with something creative with your kids. 

  • Outlining Cats

Small cats and their outlines can be done by anyone especially if you have good paper! 

  • Giraffe

If you want something that’s a bit hard to draw, you want to go with a giraffe! 

  • Nature Scene

For all the nature lovers out there, going with a still of nature is something that you can always go with!

  • Ball

A ball is probably the easiest one to make out of them all. 

  • Ghost

If you’re about to make a drawing during halloween season then a ghost is probably the best one you should go with! 

  • Cat

When trying something complex, try to start with a cat! 

  • Tiny Creature

Tiny creatures are a must to make if you’re planning to make many drawings

  • Peacock

This one’s a classic, especially if you are planning to make a small one with your children! 

  • Hangers

The easiest one to draw out of them all is the hanger! 

  • Chalks

Want something easy and fun to draw? Well, chalk is something you should try out! 

  • Bee

Bees are one of the best ones that you can try out and draw if you want something easy and adorable to draw! 

  • Snake 

If you want something scary yet colorful and amazing to look at, you want to draw a snake, preferably a black, green, red, and white one! 

  • Baby Elephant 

A baby elephant is pretty hard to draw, but with time and proper execution, you can draw it! 

  • Mouse

If you’re planning to go with something adorable and are going to draw with your kids, go with a mouse. 

  • Rabbit

 A rabbit is an adorable creature, which you can try and draw with your kids if you want to have some quality time with them!

  • Aliens 

If your little ones are into space and alien movies, it’s obvious that you should go with alien related drawings! 

  • Minions 

Minions are amazingly cute, which is why try to draw them if you want something fun during your free time! 

  • Butterfly

Butterflies, moths and other creatures that have wings are some of the best ones that you can draw! 

  • Dolphin

Sea animals such as dolphins are a must to draw if you want to make something creative and unique with your kids! 

  • Dog

Creating dog drawings can be pretty challenging and fun, which is why we want you to make it! 

  • Owl

An owl is one of the hardest to draw, which is why take your time and make it with ease! 

  • Hippo

If you’re into animal drawings, then a hippo should definitely be on your list. 

  • Leaf

A leaf is one of the easiest to draw, so if you’re a beginner, you want to go for it! 

  • Tree

Just like a leaf, a tree is one of the easiest to draw, which is why if you are a beginner, go for it! 

  • Flower

If you are a person that’s into flowers, you want to try and draw flowers! 

  • Funky Face

Funk faces are some of the easiest to draw! 

  • Fiction Character

In case you’re into anime or any other fictional shows, you want to try out and make them during your free time! 

  • Buildings

Buildings are some of the easiest to draw, so if you’re just getting into drawing, you want to try this one out. 

  • Feather Of A Bird 

The feather of a bird is something that you should try and draw if you’re trying something easily. 

  • Philippine Eagle

Looking for something complex to draw? Well, take a look at the Philippine Eagle! 

  • Cute Kitty

The cute kitty never fails, which is why you want to try and draw it during your free time! 

  • Deer

A deer is pretty hard to make, which is why if you’re trying to make something difficult, you want to try this one out! 

What are you planning to draw with your kids for your upcoming fun and creative activities? Let us know what your plans are by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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