Know Everything About Non-Alcoholic Beers!

Alcoholic beers are considered a safe option when we are considering limiting our alcohol intake. Non-alcoholic drinks promise a 0.0 percentage of alcohol intake, but why don’t people readily switch to non-alcoholic Lager instead?

But is it safe to say that non-alcoholic beer is generally suitable for all people?. First, let’s find out whether non-alcoholic drinks can be an alternative for alcoholic beverages consumed widely. 

How is non-alcoholic beer made?

In general, non-alcoholic beers can contain upto 0.5 percent of alcohol and can claim themselves as alcohol-free. 

Most non-alcoholic beer is made by removing the alcohol from normal beer. The beer becomes flat once the alcohol is removed. Then carbon dioxide is added to carbonate it, which gives it a bubbly effect. 

  • In one method, the beer is heated inside a powerful vacuum to lower the boiling point, which helps to preserve its taste.
  • The other method involves straining the alcohol through a special fine filter where densely liquid things such as water and alcohol can only pass through it. 

Calories and nutrients:

Non-alcoholic beer is almost similar in calories and nutrients compared to alcoholic beer but differs in alcohol or carbs significantly. It is so because non-alcoholic beer contains carbs in the form of sugar, which helps to keep the taste balanced significantly. In addition, non-alcohol beer contains phosphorus, magnesium, and B vitamins.

Calories- 133

Protein- 1gm 

Fat- 0 gm 

Carbs- 29 gm

Benefits of non alcoholic beer:

  1. The sodium content in non alcoholic beer helps the body to rehydrate after strenuous exercise.
  2. Any beer, with less than 1 percent alcohol content benefits the fluid balance, and supports the process of rehydration.
  3. Breastfeeding moms can definitely enjoy non-alcoholic beer while they’re relaxing at home. The barley in beer contains polysaccharide that enhances the milk flow.
  4. People who consume zero alcohol beers were more likely to remain abstinent from regular alcoholic beverages.
  5. Hops, which is one of the main ingredients of zero alcohol beers, are used for their preservative capacities and distinct flavor. They also have a sedative effect and improve the sleeping pattern. 

In general, near beer isn’t that bad for you. Instead, choose a brand that contains no alcohol and emits 90% less CO2 than the industry average so that you drink responsibly, with pleasure.

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