The Surging Popularity Of 25th island of Greece, Amorgos

Amorgos had turned into a meme because of its connections with a well-known online game. It’s referred to on the web as the 25th island of Greece. The staggering Greek island of Amorgos was as of late moving on the web, not really for its rough regular magnificence and separated seashores, but its name. Looks like the popularity of the 25th island of Greece surged, and it does not have anything to do with summer vacations or another rush of interest in the Greek islands.

The meme is a play on the name Amorgos, which clients think looks like the name of the very well-known game Among Us. In the wake of seeing references to Amorgos all over, Internet investigators have connected the ventures to a meme seething across Twitter in which users ask each other to look for the 25th island of Greece.

About Online Game Called Among Us:

  • The game includes a gathering of spacemen moving around a rocket transport doing modest errands. There is, in any case, a sham among the group, set off to disrupt the security of the boat and kill the individuals ready.
  • Each time a player kicks the bucket, the entire gathering, which can be loaded with outsiders from around the world, assembles to examine who they accept the faker is, and afterward vote them out.
  • The sham should attempt to misdirect the remainder of the gathering, by going unnoticed or projecting fault on another player.
  • This goes on until the sham kills a wide range of various groups and individuals or is found out and casts a ballot off the boat.
  • The far-reaching popularity of the game has made web-based entertainment clients see references to it in their daily routines, whether it be words that help them to remember its name, or shapes that review the notorious figures of the group individuals.

Popularity Of The Game:

YouTube provides data that tells that videos about Among Us were seen 4 billion times in September 2020, and TikTok recordings connected with Among Us had more than 13 billion perspectives in October 2020.YouTuber CG5 composed a melody in light of the game in September 2020, named “Show Yourself”, and acquired north of 60 million perspectives in four months. In September 2020, the game surpassed 100 million downloads and its player count rose to 1.5 million simultaneous players (almost 400 thousand of which were on Steam), then crested at 3.8 million in late September. The abrupt expansion in players over-burden the game’s server.


The U.S. Navy Esports team played the game Among Us during the widespread popularity of the game. It became a big controversy back then. The words related to the N-word and the bombing of Nagasaki by the players during the live streaming. Many viewers and social activists consider these references used during the game very offensive and intolerable.  In the October 2020 United States presidential election, U.S. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Pokimane, and Hasan Piker streamed the game as a way to encourage people to vote. They seemed to have success in their event as they end up drawing almost 700,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch.

Islands of Greece:


Island Greek name Cluster
Crete Κρήτη Cretan
Evia Εύβοια Euboean
Lesbos Λέσβος North Aegean Islands
Rhodes Ρόδος Dodecanese
Chíos Χίος North Aegean Islands
Cephalonia Κεφαλονιά Ionian Islands
Corfu Κέρκυρα Ionian Islands
Lemnos Λήμνος North Aegean Islands
Samos Σάμος North Aegean Islands
Naxos Νάξος Cyclades
Zakynthos Ζάκυνθος Ionian Islands
Thassos Θάσου North Aegean Islands
Andros Άνδρου Cyclades
Lefkada Λευκάδα Ionian Islands
Karpathos Κάρπαθος Dodecanese
Kos Κως Dodecanese
Kythira Κύθηρα Ionian Islands
Icaria Ικαρία North Aegean Islands
Skyros Σκύρος Sporades
Paros Πάρος Cyclades
Tinos Τήνος Cyclades
Samothrace Σαμοθράκη North Aegean Islands
Milos Μήλος Cyclades
Kea Κέα Cyclades
Amorgos Αμοργός Cyclades
Kalymnos Κάλυμνος Dodecanese
Ios Ίος Cyclades
Kythnos Κύθνος Cyclades
Astypalaia Αστυπάλαια Dodecanese
Ithaca Ιθάκης Ionian Islands
Salamis Σαλαμίνα Argo-Saronic


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