6 Things To Consider While Organizing Party For Your Kids

Planning a birthday party can be overwhelming, especially a kid’s party. From knowing where to start to what decorations to buy, whether entertainment is required or how many to invite, there are many factors to consider. 

To avoid forgetting anything crucial, create a plan or checklist. To help you navigate this journey, we’ve listed a handful of top tips and tricks. These are designed to make the party planning process easier – even fun! 

Read on to discover more.

1. Event Decoration and Styling

Some of the most successful parties have a theme. This requires decor and styling. First things first, pick a venue. If hosting the party in the summer months, this is an opportunity to put your garden to good use. If in the winter months, a local venue specializing in events is a good option, especially if your home isn’t big enough to accommodate all guests.

Once you have the venue secured, it’s time to decorate! From pastel pink arch backdrops to kid’s teepees to gold cake stands, fairy lights, and more, there are numerous directions you can go in when it comes to event decoration and style. Unsure of where to hire the kit? All Fun Parties is your one-stop shop for all party planning needs.

For best results, choose a theme before looking at the many options available. This will help you narrow your search. Popular themes include superheroes, unicorns, video games, mermaids, princesses, and pirates.

2. Deciding on a Guest List

Deciding on a Guest List

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This is heavily dependent on the age of your child. If old enough, they may want to create a guest list. If younger, it’s wise to invite their entire class, the last thing you want is for anyone to feel secluded. In addition to friends of the birthday boy or girl, you may wish to invite your friends and family too.

Once you have the guest list finalized, create invites. You can do this in one of two ways. Either an E-vite (which can be sent by email or social media) or a physical invite. This can be posted. However, it’s often easier to take all the invites into school.

To save money, get creative and make invites. You can involve the birthday girl or boy in this process. Although time-consuming, this can be a whole lot of fun! DIY invitations are also a fraction of the price of custom-made invitations.

Irrespective of which route you decide with invitations, add an RSVP and request dietary requirements.

3. Decide on your Budget

When planning a party, it’s easy to go OTT. To avoid spending more than necessary, set a budget. If working with a party planner, you can highlight budgets in the initial discussion. 

There are numerous clever ways to achieve a similar style party for less if you’re willing to make a few substitutes here and there.

4. Order or Make Food

Order or Make Food

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Once aware of dietary requirements and final numbers, prepare to order the party food. From bite-size snacks including mini pizzas, carrot sticks, and mini sandwiches, to fruit skewers, cheese cubes, or chicken nuggets – all are great options. They’re fun to eat, easy to handle, and can be displayed in a playful, colorful way, which is appealing to kids.

If making snacks yourself, ensure you have all ingredients in stock. If ordering from a supplier, you can make an advance order and select an exact delivery date.

Finally, consider the cake. You can outsource this or, if an avid baker, get creative and do it yourself. More are opting for cupcakes over freestanding cakes as these are easier to share and come in a wide range of flavors. Many will also intertwine the party theme into the cakes.

When serving, consider making your party plastic-free and use reusable plates, glasses, and cutlery or eco-friendly options instead of disposable ones. Single-use plastic has a detrimental effect on hundreds of marine species, and every little helps.

5. Entertainment


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A party wouldn’t be as much of a success without entertainment. This can come in all shapes and sizes, spanning from clowns to magicians, to live bands, obstacle courses, and bouncy castles. This is something that needs to be reserved in advance, as many of these services get booked up quickly.

If you have games on site, ensure adult supervision is in place. Kids are quick, curious, and adventurous. Without supervision, they can easily get into trouble.

6. Party Favors

Last but not least, let’s talk about party favors. Depending on your budget, these can be purchased or made. From handmade soaps and candles to bath bombs, bubble dispensers, sweets, action figurines, hair accessories, and more, there are plenty of party favors available. The key to getting this right is knowing your audience.

If supplying these yourself, remember to purchase cutesy gift bags to pop them into. These are usually gifted to kids and their parents as they leave the event.

The Bottom Line

When organizing a party, planning is key! Creating a checklist and investing in the help of a party planner or supplier will ensure a smooth, successful process.

Knowing how many are attending the party, the desired theme, where it will be held, what entertainment is required, and what decor is necessary will help you to build the perfect party for your little ones.

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