Taking Care of Airbnb Key Emergencies

Things do not always go as planned, regardless of how prepared you are. If a critical emergency occurs, having a well-defined resolution process in place may help you save crucial time. Whether you have a smart lock or a normal key, having a backup should have been taken care of and your visitors informed. However, in an emergency, things may unfold differently than anticipated, so it’s essential to be prepared.

We asked industry leaders, Lodgable, for their opinion and this is the information we received. Your visitor should be educated on how to contact you in the event of a problem. They, as well as Airbnb or the local authorities, will need to know how to contact you. In your welcome guide, provide phone numbers, names, and email addresses (if applicable), and verify that your visitors have your contact information (and know the best way to reach you in an emergency). Depending on the location and circumstances, it’s important to inform your visitor whether or not they should disclose Airbnb to authorities. Not everyone who has a listing does so with authorization or consent. While most visitors are aware of this, you should be certain and attempt to cover all bases in an emergency.

  • The Critical Stages of Emergency Response: Guests alert you of the problem: Given that you’re probably already in the habit of checking your messages daily, it shouldn’t take long for you to become aware of any issues. If checking messages often is not already second nature to you, you should create reminders to do so regularly (ideally many times a day) to ensure you are always available to assist your visitors.
  • Recognize your visitors’ requirements: Because your visitors are on vacation and out of their element, it is your responsibility as a host to provide them with the understanding and assistance they need.
  • Meeting their immediate needs: It’s never pleasant to be locked out or unable to enter where you’re supposed to be, particularly in an emergency scenario. Consider putting yourself in your visitors’ position and attempting to resolve their issues as quickly as feasible.
  • Recognize what occurred: Almost often, it is a mistake or an accident. Nobody sets out to create an emergency scenario. Attempt to be empathetic and see if there is a solution to resolve the situation.
  • Preventing future difficulties: Keep track of how the crisis occurred and how it was addressed – this may aid in avoiding similar issues. Consider all conceivable options and what works to be more prepared.
  • Compensation for the visitor, if necessary: If your guest’s rental has been disrupted, compensation may be in order. While an apology should always be the initial step, it may take more to make up for any issues.

Possibilities (and Solutions)

The keys are not in their proper location.

To begin, ensure that your visitor is searching for the keys in the correct location. If they are not where they should be, reply immediately and inform your visitors of the backup key’s location. If you’ve utilized a service such as Key Cafe, offer to get them a beverage to express your regret. If feasible, put a spare key at a neighbor’s residence.

The door is not going to open.

If you have a difficult door and there is a method to opening it, inform your visitors in advance. Inform them whether the door will be doubly locked or if more than one key will be required – prepare them for all conceivable scenarios before they begin to panic and call you. If it continues to refuse to open, you as the host have the option of resolving the issue yourself or contacting the authorities.

The keys became lodged in the keyhole.

If your visitor has attempted and failed to remove the key from the lock, the next step is to bring in the specialists. Consult a locksmith (ideally a 24-hour locksmith) before taking more severe measures such as smashing the door down. Keep a number or two accessible in case your emergency occurs at an inconvenient hour when folks are unavailable.

The visitors secured their exits.

To begin, ask your visitor to find the backup key. If retrieval is not feasible, have a duplicate of your key delivered to the address to assist them in getting inside.

If this occurs often, it may be time to explore a smart lock that operates by code rather than keys.

The visitors misplaced their keys.

If your visitors have misplaced their keys, advise them to the location of the backup keys. If that does not work, arrange for a duplicate key to be provided to your visitors. Uber is ideal for this kind of circumstance. Make certain that your visitors are informed of any ‘key replacement/lost fee.’ A smart lock may be beneficial in the future if this circumstance occurs again.

The code is inoperable.

The majority of smart locks have capabilities that enable the host to alter the code remotely, which should be the first line of defense. Speak with your visitor and have them test the previous code; if it does not work, have them change it while they are on the phone. Maintain their position on the line while they attempt the new one to check the issue has been resolved.

When using smart locks, it’s ideal to have a real key on hand as a backup in case your visitors aren’t the most technologically savvy. The majority of smart lock products have one or two keys as standard.

The lock has been broken.

If you’re dealing with a smart lock that isn’t performing as expected, instruct your visitors to use the spare key given until the lock can be repaired. If, on the other hand, your door is equipped with a normal key lock, it’s time to contact a locksmith. Have the contact information for a couple of other sources in case your go-to individual is unavailable.

If the problem requires time to resolve, it’s a good idea to compensate your visitors (in addition to apologizing) for their discomfort.

Having a plan in place as a swift response to catastrophes may be life-saving in the proper circumstances. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan and to experiment with different strategies to see what works best for you and your visitors. Read more about solutions in ‘Airbnb Key Exchange Solutions‘. It has some excellent advice for outlining your strategy and implementing backup procedures.

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in an emergency scenario when you must respond swiftly and comfort your visitors. If you are, attempt to have a strategy in place and recall what assisted you in resolving the situation. Along with possibly avoiding it from occurring again, you may be more efficient at resolving other situations.

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