Why Should you Wear Tummy Tuck Compression Garment

It is never too late to start wearing a tummy tuck compression garment. However, there is a right time to begin your recovery with this compression garment. Before that, you must speak to your doctor. Tummy tuck is an aggressive body contouring procedure for removing excess skin around the abdominal. This procedure also tightens your muscles around the abdominal walls. You need to rest for a few weeks to recover after tummy tuck surgery. Your surgeon will advise you to wear a tummy tuck compression garment after the procedure to increase comfort and reduce swelling. Following are the reasons for tummy tuck compression: 

Reduce Swelling 

You should expect a significant amount of swelling after tummy tuck surgery. Puffy tissues and water retention can cause serious discomfort. Wearing a tummy tuck compression garment does more than managing the swelling. This also reduces edema-related problems. 

Aesthetic Results  

This procedure reshapes your midsection by removing excess fat, skin and tissues from your body. This leads to dramatic changes in your body. After your muscles and tissues are repositioned, you may experience some bumps or unevenness. You also need to prevent the formation of skin ripples. This is critical to maintain the shape and smoothness after the procedure. This is possible when you wear a tummy tuck compression garment. However, you can achieve aesthetic results when your body gets optimum levels of compression. The right compression garment also allows you to retain a balanced silhouette after the procedure. 

Maintain Contours 

People go for this procedure to create a flat and toned tummy by eliminating excess skin. The tummy tuck procedure is often combined with liposuction. This creates a sculpted waistline by removing the fatty layer from the top of the abdominal wall. Surgeons advise to wear this garment to maintain new contours. The garment achieves this by holding the tissues and skin in the right position when your body is healing. Your body can easily maintain its new shape. 

Supports Recovery Process 

It takes several weeks to recover after a tummy tuck procedure. You have to wait for a few weeks after the procedure to see full results. Swelling can be very unpleasant. So, if you want a pleasant recovery experience, you should wear a tummy tuck compression garment. It is important to wear this garment, especially during the early stages of recovery. Your surgeon has already provided compression related recommendations before the procedure.         

Reduces Discomfort 

When your body is healing, walking around and doing day-to-day activities can be very challenging. You may experience that some of the movements are restricted. This garment provides optimum compression to reduce discomfort and provide freedom of movement. You can easily move around and take care of some of your personal obligations at home while recovering. Keep in mind that you have to avoid lifting heavy weights and limit physical activities and exercise.

In addition to reducing pain and discomfort, the garment also encourages a healthy posture when sitting and standing.  

The tummy tuck procedure is very effective when it comes to creating a more youthful figure by reshaping your midsection. The procedure flattens your tummy and creates a more defined waistline. Wearing a tummy tuck compression garment helps in improving the overall results of the tummy tuck procedure. However, make sure that the garment is made from a breathable material. 

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