Factors that Determine the Bike Insurance Premium

Insurance is a type of contract used to protect people against the risk of financial loss. The most common type of insurance is life insurance, which pays a benefit to the beneficiary if the policyholder dies. Some other common insurances are bike insurance, car insurance, medical insurance, etc. Some policies also provide a cash value, which can be used as a source of financial liquidity.

You can browse through a variety of providers and policies online. Once you have an online estimate or quote from a provider, you can compare the cost and coverage of options and policy provisions. Some providers offer in-person consultations where you can question your insurance agent about the details of your policy, ask questions about the provider’s claims and customer service history, and get a sense of the provider’s culture. This is how you can look bike insurance online

Factors Affecting the Premium Cost Of Bike Insurance

Various factors affect the price of the bike insurance policy. The type of bike you have, the value of your vehicle, and the amount of coverage you want all impact the cost of your bike insurance policy. Some companies specialize in insuring two-wheelers, while others offer multi-line policies that provide coverage for a range of vehicles. Factors affecting the premium costs are:

  1. Make and model: The make and model of your bike play an important role in deciding the premium of your bike insurance policy. The premium will be cost-effective if your bike has a low cost when compared to a high-end luxurious bike.
  2. Age of the Bike: The cost of your bike insurance also depends upon how old the bike is. If your bike is older you will have to pay a higher premium because the probability of damage increases. On the other hand, if your bike is new then you’ll have to pay fewer insurance premiums.
  3. Engine’s Capacity: Insurance premiums also depend on the engine’s cubic capacity. A lesser cubic capacity will endure lower premiums while a capacity higher than 350cc will incur higher premiums. If the engine capacity is less than 75cc then you will have to pay lower premiums.
  4. Anti-theft Systems: You can also lower your insurance premiums by installing an anti-theft security system approved by the government. Automotive Research Association of India pr ARAI approved alarm systems reduce the possibility of theft and thereby reduce the cost of the insurance premiums.
  5. Modifications: On the other hand, if you add any modifications to your bike that will result in increasing the premium of the bike. The insurance company people also determine the value of the insurance by calculating the IDV or Insurance Declared value. This is calculated based upon the model number, brand, age and condition of your bike.
  6. Voluntary Deductible: This is the amount you promise to pay in case you are raising a claim. The higher the value of this amount the lower will be the cost of the premiums. However, you must only agree to an amount that you can afford otherwise higher voluntary deductible can cause you great trouble.

So, this was all about what bike insurance is, how can you purchase it online and what all are the factors that determine the value of the premiums of your bike insurance. These factors influence the price of the premiums and hence you can control the cost by carefully monitoring these factors.


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