A complete Makeover for Dad Outfit: Must-Have Clothes items

When we talk about a basic dad outfit, it is always comfortable. Usually, dads don’t have clues about the fashion trends or limit themselves to a basic shirt and a trouser. However, it is not like that anymore, and many options are available to try for them. One must try those simple yet stylish dad outfit ideas to look fashionable. 

So, let me tell you different types of dad outfit ideas for different types of dads.

Dad must have clothing items –

  1. Casual shirt – Basic dad outfit includes one piece of the casual shirt for a comfortable and smart look.
  2. Blue Jeans – Dad outfit idea is incomplete without a pair of blue jeans because a pair of blue jeans never goes out of fashion trend.
  3. Belt – A belt is a classic accessory that 90s dad wears to uphold the pants, but today it became a fashion statement that evolved from the 90s dad outfit.
  4. Shoes – A pair of sneakers is always helpful for dad to be comfortable running around, and a black shoes to pair with any occasion.

Makeover of basic dad outfit to stylish dad outfit 

Classic look –

A classic look is a perfect match for dad outfit ideas; when put together, a sleek collared blazer with a sharp center crease slack will give a very smart look. A well-fit polo and a pair of jeans will look great too. Whatever you choose, it will only boost you with confidence as a classic dad outfit is always an easy look to carry. But make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. 

90s dad outfit –

The looks of basic dad outfits in the 90s were now a fashion trend. A basic loose t-shirt tucked in high-waisted blue denim is a fashion statement. A blue denim jumpsuit with a cowboy hat is a perfect outfit for summer. Cargo shorts with a button-down t-shirt are a cool look, too, for dad outfit ideas.

Business dad outfit – 

Pairing formal solid colour trousers with a full sleeve shirt and matching tie is the perfect look for business dad outfit ideas.  

Modern dad look –

These dad outfit ideas will give a semi-formal look. Instead of formal trousers, wear a pair of blue pants and a semi-casual shirt underneath a sweater. To enhance the look, fold the sleeve to elbow length and put the collar outside the sweater.

Middle age dad look – 

A combo of blazer and sweater with basic jeans is the perfect fashion idea for middle-aged dads. And for shoes, something comfortable like sneakers or boots. These dad outfit ideas are comfortable and look professional as well.

Unnecessary dad clothing items to avoid – 

Long socks with short- 

It looks so bad when dads wear a pair of long black socks with short pants. This combination is a bizarre fashion choice, and it makes no sense to wear shorts when half of the leg is covered with socks. 

Denim hats –

An accessory should enhance a look, not make it a funny disaster like the dads wearing denim hats to every event.

Transition shades –

Transition shades are out of fashion now. Avoiding one is a good option as there are many other options.


Dads always put their family’s desires first and never give attention to their needs and necessity. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any desire to wear fashionable clothes. But when it comes to fashion, they always mismatch their look and make it a disaster. So, we have advised you of some of the best dad outfit ideas. Suggest some must-have clothing items and unnecessary clothing items to avoid.




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