Why Choose Spray Tanning Over Sun Tanning?

Why Choose Spray Tanning Over Sun Tanning?

Glowing skin is something everyone wants, especially if you are a person who is very particular about skincare. And tanned skin is considered a beauty symbol. 

Previously, people used to wait for summer to get glowing or tanned skin, as sitting under the sun to get a tanned body was the only option. 

But now, the traditional way of getting bronzed skin has changed because it comes with many risks, like premature aging, skin cancer, and sunburn. 

On the contrary, here comes a safer method, i.e., spray tanning. With the help of the best tanning sprays, you can get tan in a few minutes.

Now, let’s explore the question of why to choose spray tanning.

Reason for choosing spray tanning

  • Safest option: Spray tanning is the safest option as it tans your skin without causing any harm to the skin. The spray contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a sugar-based compound. These compounds react with the amino acid present in your dead skin cells and make a temporary browning effect.
  • Fights with Premature aging: Sometimes, sun tanning leads to premature aging. This is  because UV rays break down the collagen and elasticity in your skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. But in spray tanning, the case is the opposite as DHA in the spray tanner protects your skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Evenly Tan: If you want the tan to be equally distributed in the body, then spray tanning is the best option. In spray tanning, an equal amount of solution is used on your skin, which gives you an evenly tanned skin. Unlike sun tanning, it does not lead to unequal tanning of the whole body and makes one area darker.
  • Quicker Process: Spray tanning is a speedy process. Because the solution is applied uniformly, it decreases the chances of unwanted tan lines. Generally, the whole process does not take more than 30 minutes. And you don’t have to spend time lying in the sun and applying sunscreen repeatedly. 
  • Hide blemishes: A spray tan can be a great help in hiding the blemishes, as well as stretch marks. Applying some on the affected area will make your blemishes light, and you will gain confidence to rock any event.
  • Natural Looking Tan: Natural tanning is hard to find, but with the help of spray tanning, you can have a natural look. The solution is applied equally and covers all the areas. 

Further, an acceptable mist solution is sprayed on your skin, which spreads evenly throughout. 

  • Custom tanning: Spray tanning has a vast range of shades, so you can choose the color that will suit your skin tone. The color of the skin throughout the spray tanning is based on the amount of DHA present in the spray tan. Also, it will be an excellent option for getting your desired skin tan color. 


Your search for a safe and natural bronzed look must have stopped because now you are aware of the science behind choosing spray tanning.

Also, the best tanning sprays are the easy and time-saving method of getting tan skin with your matching skin tone. You must have made up your mind about using the spray tan once in your life.

So, Say hi to evenly tanned skin! 


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