Border Rolls Unveiled: 5 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Decor

Border Rolls Unveiled: 5 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Decor

Best believe you’re here because you’re a fashionable person. Not only with dress but also with your living space, you love to keep everything elegant. Luckily, we’re discussing border rolls, which people often overlook when enhancing the decor.

Even if they’re unlikely to sound familiar, Border rolls are the root of elegance in a living space. They make every design in an interior decor pop, and it’s not about just slapping them on the walls. It’s much more than that; we’ll figure them out in this article.

Not to bore you with the introduction, let us swiftly move on to the main article. Here, we’ll define border rolls and explain five ways to use them to enhance your decor.

What are Border Rolls?

Funny as it may seem, it’s hard to guess what border rolls could be from their name. It’s even closer to being a snack name than a decor enhancer. Could that be why it hasn’t gone viral?

Well, that’s by the way! Border rolls are a big deal in the world of interior decor. They are usually bands or strips that come in different materials like vinyl, cloth, or paper.

In simple terms, border rolls are simple decorations that people apply to walls or furniture. If you’ve seen a before-and-after picture of when border rolls were not applied to a particular space and when they were applied, you would understand their greatness. It just lights up a space in its way!

Like wallpapers, border rolls are in several designs and patterns. So, it’s up to you to choose whichever suits you best. This flexibility in choosing paves the way for different creative styles in the decor industry.

5 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Decor With Border Rolls

1. Frame Your Wall Art

Almost all homes have at least one wall art in their living room. It could be an art of a loved one, an animal, or a nature-filled art. Whichever it is, you’ll hardly see a home without that ONE art.

Most times, these arts are what people notice when they first step into your house. You have thought of increasing its elegance but have never heard of border rolls. Well, the good news is that border rolls will do the trick!

Border rolls have an interactive element that captivates people. When you frame your wall art with them, it draws people’s gaze, encouraging admiration and discussion. Even visitors appreciate the effort and thought put into your decor.

Yet, be careful when choosing because your design and color say a lot about your taste. So, if you want a good conversation about your taste, choose right!

2. Define Spaces

Defining spaces in interior design has a lot to do with aesthetics and function. Although it’s uncommon, open-concept living areas often suffer from demarcation challenges. But the lifesaver is here: border rolls.

There are several places in the world where they rent houses to you without a dining space. But you need a dining space at all costs. Just get the border rolls; instantly, you know which space is which.

Apart from the fact that it serves a functional purpose, everywhere looks more appealing. The result is an inviting and well-defined interior that balances form and function!

3. Revamp Your Furniture

There comes a time when all your then-new furniture will become old. No matter how strong the woods remain, they start to fade gradually. What do you do if you want to keep them? Get your border rolls!

Revamping your furniture with border rolls breathes new life into your interior decor. It’s more like reviving a nearly dead being; there is no bigger joy than that. Immediately, you can see the elegance and touch of individuality they bring to your decor.

The versatility of border rolls makes it possible to play this part perfectly well. You can choose border roll colors that match your existing furniture and decor. Isn’t that great?

4. Highlight Architectural Features

In architecture, some features like columns and archways have to be highlighted. There’s no better way to achieve this than by using border rolls. Even when the aim is to highlight a few features, border rolls improve the elegance.

So, what’s supposed to go normally unnoticed by people, border rolls have brought them to life. Now, people can draw their eyes towards them, effectively creating a visual symphony.

In another light, people tend to appreciate architectural intricacies more! So, if you have an unnoticed architectural design in your decor, make them sparkle with border rolls!

5. Create Custom Wall Patterns

If you’ve ever seen a custom wall pattern, you can testify to its greatness and beauty. This is another level of sophistication that truly reflects your unique style and personality. And it’s all kudos to border rolls!

If you’re more of a sleek person, geometric patterns will do a great job. But if you want more of a nature-inspired cham, go for floral motifs. Whichever you choose, you must consider your wall dimensions and your room’s color palette.

Another thing to note is your choice of border roll material. It has a lot to do with the final result!


If we’re to discuss the full greatness of border rolls, we’ll have a very long page. But with the little we’ve discussed, it’s enough to convince anyone how much it can enhance interior decor. Why not give it a try and experience its greatness, too?

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