Tips To Build Your Presence As A Teacher

Teachers have been working very hard since day one of online learning, beginning from training to properly use an online teaching app, to attending every online classes app and motivating children so that they also have the willingness to learn in such new environments. However, training does not report an educator for real-life problems that might be individualized as per student behaviors. Let’s discuss how it happens, why it happens, and how you can take care of it!

What discourages teachers?

This seldom happens in middle school or kindergarten classes, you will find students not paying attention. It’s not because they willingly want to discourage you, your students simply do not know any better! This is why teachers are taught on the very first day of day training that their job is not to force students to study but to make things seem more interesting by understanding what their particular interests lie in.

The importance of your presence

Most teachers depend on the progress of their students, and might not pay attention to how important their presence is being considered in a classroom. Even when an online classes app is in use, you need to consolidate it because;

  • So that you can build a good student-teacher-trusted relationship where they feel comfortable while coming with doubts.
  • You need it to allow your students to look up to you, as a figure who can impart knowledge to them, and solve problems related to the subject. 
  • For providing motivation, and confidence.
  • Interaction purposes, in case your students cannot connect to anyone else in a class, they can always come up to you.

How to consolidate your presence?

  • Be confident

You need to be confident in the way you teach them, for this you can prepare an extra chart or sheet beforehand back at home and revise the topics thoroughly to ensure you’re not making any mistakes. Students will be curious, and in a classroom app, they can post questions that need to be answered as soon as possible so that they can also continue a smooth learning process. To manage classes effectively you have to be prepared on your behalf and encourage the same for the students.

Most importantly, never back down from assignments and test schedules because postponing them just so your students want them to, is going to make you look like a teacher who is not confident with the way they plan classes or tests. Some cases are exceptional and agreeable, but not all. 

  • Use your voice

Your voice can play a big role in a classroom, especially online classes app where video calling is available. You will notice how students will switch off their cameras at times or might hesitate while answering a question. A stern voice with much authority to it gives them the compulsion to respond, and a soft-spoken voice at times of comforting or making them understand a topic will build trust and faithfulness towards you. 

The trick is to realize when you need to alter your voice because screaming at a student who simply wants to clear their doubts will shun them away for a long time until you manage to regain their trust once again.

  • Body language and facial expressions

Besides your tactical way of teaching in a class comma, your body language and facial expressions can be seen by the students in video classes now. A professional educator adapts to a particular form of teaching with their body language. This form of teaching decides class performance too, at some level. Let us understand how.

If you are energetic and show this energy by moving around your hands and showing a wide range of expressions, this will motivate students to also focus on the subject. Not every individual in a classroom app can avoid you while you are being passionate about the topic. Students who don’t usually listen in will also be compelled to do so because of how enthusiastic you are. Do not allow this enthusiasm to overflow because it will not only exhaust you but also stop you from showing the same energy levels in back-to-back classes.

  • Learn from others 

If all else fails, you can always resort to other experienced professionals who might be able to let you in on some golden rules in ways of consolidating your presence in a classroom.

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