Funny Pregnancy Memes for Dads Who Won’t Get it Anyways.

Nowadays, memes are in trend. People share memes as much as they upload their lifestyles on social media. Funny pregnancy memes are hilarious, but some people won’t react to them because they didn’t get it, or we can say guys don’t get it, especially soon-to-be dads. So, let’s encounter some funny pregnancy memes for Dads they won’t get.

Funny pregnancy memes for guys

  1. Husband asks wife how’s she feeling-

The media portrays pregnancy as the world’s best time for each woman in this world by representing it as the happiest period and full of energy, but in reality, it is nothing compared to what they show. Especially when a pregnant lady has to go to work, take care of the house, cook food, and keep listening to other people’s suggestions about being pregnant. In the above pregnant meme for dads, the cat’s facial expression symbolizes the pregnant woman irritated by others’ comments and suggestions. 

  1. Difficulty in sleeping-

Consider yourself lucky if your baby is a sleeping angel, but if your baby turns out to be cranky at night, then get ready for sleepless nights is one of the funny pregnant memes. Other factors can lead to sleepless nights, such as mommy struggling for a good position to sleep because of the baby bump. And the most common complaint is the snoring of the husband. Pregnant women usually imagine kicking their husbands out of bed once every night.

  1. Glowing is a myth-

The pregnancy glow is real or just a myth, one of the questions that arise too soon to be a mom. But it seems that most pregnant ladies have to experience the opposite of what it shows. Above chimpanzee funny pregnancy meme depicts how pregnancy glows in real life.

  1. Husband can be hilarious sometimes-

The pregnancy craving is something that one has no control over. The weird combination like french fries with ice cream or chocolate and pickles. In this meme, a pregnant wife asks his hubby to hide her obsession with eating cookies somewhere she couldn’t reach out, and the hubby puts the cookie on the ground.

  1. Relatable-

Being pregnant for 9 months is a roller coaster. In every stage, you will discover new difficulties. One of the many difficulties is the fitting issue. And it worsened in the third semester as the belly grew, and the wife borrowing a t-shirt from her husband without his knowledge can be relatable for many husbands through this funny pregnant meme.

  1. Three stages of pregnancy-

We all know that there are three stages in pregnancy. But it is not clear that every trimester has different challenges to face. Initially, it is a mixture of happiness, nausea, and fatigue. Second is the baby’s first kick, which eventually became a not-so-pleasant thing to be happy about. Third and the last trimester is the mood swings. The above meme is a perfect example of all the trimesters and how much a pregnant lady must endure.


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