What Is A Meme? All About WOW Meme And Other Internet Viral Memes

What Is A Meme?

In the new age world, data can act like human qualities, and thoughts can duplicate, transform and advance. In the period of the Internet, these thoughts can be depicted as web memes or simply memes. An Internet meme is a thought, conduct, picture, or style that is spread employing the Internet, frequently through online entertainment stages. What is viewed as a meme, might shift across various networks on the Internet and is liable to change after some time. Customarily, they were an idea or expression, yet the idea has since become more extensive and more complex, developing to incorporate more intricate designs like difficulties, GIFs, recordings, and viral sensations. Here we are gonna talk about the WOW meme, its origin and history, and its trend.

Web memes are viewed as a piece of Internet culture. They can spread from one individual to another through informal communities, websites, direct email, or news sources. Moment correspondence on the Internet works with informal exchange transmission, bringing about crazes and impressions that will more often than not develop quickly. An illustration of such a prevailing fashion is that of planking; posting a photograph of somebody planking on the web focuses on the craze and permits it to contact many individuals in a brief period. The Internet also works with the quick advancement of memes.

About WOW Meme: The meme is related to the Belgian singer Eddy wally. It is a video clip of the singer in which he is staring into the camera, saying wow quirky, and winking simultaneously. This wow gif meme is shared in many comedy videos by YouTube creators. It is one of the most used memes in roasting videos.

Origin: The meme was first posted on the social media site YouTube by the YouTuber named  djvensterke2. The title of the video is Wally. In the video, the Belgian singer is staring into the camera, saying wow quirky, and winking simultaneously in front of a blue screen. The video was posted on the 8th of October 2007.  The video has over 300 comments and over 261,500 views. And from that date, the bow WOW meme is gaining popularity every day. People are using it more and more.

Spread: A video was uploaded by YouTuber h3h3Productions, in which Eddy Wally is edited over footage of a woman giving a presentation on January 17th, 2014. The video gathered over 290,000 views and 340 comments in the next 10 months. Another YouTuber, Rabbi Cartman, uploaded a green screen version of the Wally clip on the 22nd of July 2014. A 10-hour looped version of Rabbi Cartman’s video was uploaded on YouTube by a YouTuber named sonic007m on the 11th of August 2014. Again the WOW meme gif video with the title Eddy [MLG] Wally is Illuminati was uploaded on YouTube On the 27th of September 2014. This time the name of the YouTuber was Garonne. Since then the video and WOW meme gif is ruling the internet. Most videos are incomplete without this meme. This is a vital part of Meme culture on the internet. And the users know very well about the oh WOW meme.

Some Other Most Viral Memes:

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Rebecca Black’s Friday
  • TheDress
  • Chocolate Rain
  • Dabbing
  • Vancouver riot kiss
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Tom Cruise jumping on a couch
  • Nick Young ??? ???
  • Ceiling Cat
  • FirstWorldProblems
  • Delete your account
  • Planking
  • Don’t tase me, bro!
  • Netflix and chill
  • More cowbell!
  • James Van Der Beek crying
  • Fuck it, we’ll do it live!
  • Auto-Tune the ____
  • Hey girl/Sensitive Gosling
  • Haters gonna say it’s fake
  • Icing
  • Arthur’s fist
  • Imma let you finish
  • Casual-Pepper-Spray-Everything Cop
  • Recut movie trailers

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