If you imagine Venice centuries ago, it certainly does not resemble the Venice of today. Venice once had no tourists, it was the center of world trade and was a port city, as it is located in the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea. Many customs have changed over the centuries, yet there are details that continue to be an essential part of Venice today: the luxurious palaces and churches, the famous canals and “calli“, the “sestieri” and the gondolas, the Byzantine style and the Venetian Gothic style.

Paolo Veronese, an Italian Renaissance painter, born in Verona and died in Venice, painted two canvases “The Wedding at Cana” and “The Convito di Casa Levi” which today reside respectfully at the Louvre in Paris and at the Galleria Dell’Accademia in Venice. They illustrate the pomp of costumes around 1500-1600 and, most importantly, the superior taste that the Venetians showed in their laid tables.

At that time, moreover, the art of glass was already beginning to be handed down; an art that initially developed in the furnaces of Venice but, as they caused frequent fires, they were relocated in Murano, one of the many islands of the lagoon.

The Master Glassmakers manage to reproduce beautiful chalices, centerpieces, vases and much more by hand, re-proposing the style of that period but mixing it with innovative and modern features. Each piece of art created in the Murano furnaces will never be the same as others, because each product is meticulously handcrafted by the glassmakers with the blown glass technique, making the product unique, exclusive, and even more extraordinary.

Check out our Yourmurano website to immerse yourself in a Venice far from the present day. Savor the Venetian style mixed with modern and creative shapes that follow the fashion of the twenty-first century. Specifically, in the Decorative Goblets section, a catalogue of goblets of all shapes and kinds, from decorative ones to the most elegant ones, from the classic ones to those with livelier colors are just waiting to embellish and decorate your table on special occasions. These goblets, created with the knowledge and attention to detail that only glass craftsmen possess, can also become excellent gifts for your loved ones.

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