Alcohol Addiction Recovery: 4 Things To Help Your Journey

Alcohol addiction is a serious and growing problem in the United States. Alcohol addiction recovery could help you avoid and overcome this chronic fatal disease. With a world of treatment options available to those who suffer from it, hope is not lost. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or NIAAA, defines alcohol use disorder as “the most severe level of a drinking problem,” which includes alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse. The NIAAA estimates that about 17 million people in the U.S. have an alcohol use disorder, with about 7 percent of them being dependent on alcohol and 14 percent abusing it. With this grim reality, here are 5 things to help you during your alcohol addiction recovery process.


The work of recovery from the aspect of the person who is recovering begins in their mind. It is important to approach your recovery process with a positive attitude of determination. Being in the recovery process may not have been your idea at the beginning, but it is your process to complete. While recovery isn’t one motivational chat away, starting with the right attitude can allow you to begin making progress towards your goal.

A New Vocabulary

It is possible that, in the process of your realization that it would be important to enter an alcohol addiction recovery program, some words and ideas stood in your way. Stigma is a real obstacle for the person seeking help. Even after you have accepted the facts of the matter, it can be difficult to access specific kinds of help and support due to the vocabulary associated with your needs. Words like “alcoholic,” “addict,” and even the painful “drunk” can give you pause as you try and open up about your recovery. Incorporating words like “person in recovery” or “person with an alcohol use disorder” might seem frivolous at first. However, realizing that internalized stigma and many cultural norms also inform the way people approach recovery. Ultimately, using these words as tools and encouraging others to do so as well will benefit your recovery journey.

Art and Music

For your recovery, you might choose a professionally recognized program to follow. However, it never hurts to incorporate more enjoyable forms of therapy into the regimen. With your counselor or mental health professional, you can choose a range of art therapy to include in your personal program. Music therapy is also a welcome addition for people with more musical inclinations. Often, the path to returning to a life of normalcy with recovery includes a return to things that once brought you joy.

For many others, a return to childlike curiosity and creativity without rules is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Allowing your process to be guided by lost aspects of joy returns the recovery process to the place of growing, learning, and overcoming obstacles. Many of the same stressors you will encounter in life that may tempt you away from your chosen path can be alleviated by finding a creative outlet.

Alcohol use disorders are the most common form of substance use disorder in the United States with an estimated 15 million Americans suffering from it at any given time. The need for an alcohol addiction recovery program is one you and millions of other people grapple with every day. With such a broad array of options available to you, no one struggling with an alcohol use disorder should remain in their suffering. With these creative tools and professional help to guide you along the way, your recovery process can begin today.

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