Which Is The Best Online Real Money Game In India?

With the onset of digital banking and easy money transfer facilities, a lot of earning opportunities have been explored in the technical world. One such explored option is online Real Money games. Initially, only gambling games like Solitaire, Casino Royale, cricket, etc. Were offering money to their contestants but now the horizon of games has widened to include Ludo game, Carom, Pool game as well. Among these games, Ludo money has gained the most popularity and is considered the best online real money game in India. Ludo money till now has been offering wonderful returns while playing online games.

How to play Ludo money

The first step to earning money while playing Ludo game is to download them. This game Ludo Money is available on Google PlayStore and many other websites, for anyone to download. It has a free as well as paid version. Both Android, as well as the iOS platform, find it compatible.

Rules of the games in Ludo Money

  • All contestants are assigned different colors in the game. There can only be four contestants at a time.
  • In each contestant’s house, there are four pieces.
  • The goal of the contestant is to send all four pieces to the home pocket before the other contestants.
  • Pieces inside the house of a contestant can only be released if the contestant gets six on the dice roll.
  • If any piece of the contestant is outside the house then the contestant gets to choose whether he wants to advance the piece or take out the piece from the house.
  • Contestants take turns in rolling the dice and if the dice rolls six then the contestant gets another turn in rolling the dice.
  • If there are three consecutive six on a dice roll then throws get reset and the contestant has to roll the dice again.
  • The other contestant’s piece returns to the pocket if another contestant’s piece lands on it.
  • A bonus roll is awarded to the contestant every time a contestant returns another contestant’s piece to its house.
  • Once the piece completes the track it makes a home run.
  • Once inside the home run square, the contestant can only move pieces when the dice roll is closer or exactly the number to reach the home pocket.

Steps to make Money with Ludo Money

  • Download the Ludo Money app from the Play Store
  • Purchase coins
  • Decide which game you want to play
  • Select the table to play at
  • Apply skills while playing with friends or real contestants.
  • Win game and redeem coins in your e-wallet or bank account
  • Loose game restart and play again

What makes Ludo money advantage over other Ludo apps

  • Its users are real and not computers or bots.
  • One can start with a minimum of Rs 10 to buy a table and can go up to Rs 1000.
  • It offers cashback even on registering or downloading the app.
  • It has daily cash rewards on opening a game
  • Its withdrawals can be done in a day without hassle.
  • It also offers 24X7 customer support that will help you in solving the problem.
  • Ludo Fantasy also offers its users to play online ludo game using Facebook as a platform.

Advantages of playing Ludo games

Despite the availability of several real money games, the Ludo game is more popular. The reasons for this are:

  • Ludo games can be played with a minimum of two and a maximum of six contestants at a time.
  • One game gets finished in approximately 10 to 12 minutes.
  • It offers a chatting option while playing which allows the contestants to interact with one another.
  • The graphics and twists in the game keep it interesting.
  • The game despite being digital is very familiar to its contestants and easy to understand which allows a wide age group to participate.
  • It develops contestants’ analytical as well as reasoning skills.

Disadvantages of playing Ludo games

There are always two sides to everything and the Ludo game is no different. One should always consider the cons before downloading any app from the app store. Here are some cons of Ludo game apps.

  • Ludo money comes with a risk, especially for those who bet a large sum of money in the game.
  • Although this game offers rewards and quick cash withdrawals it can also become addictive.
  • There are time slots to play games that may not always suit you.

After going through various phases of  Covid -19, people have realized the importance of having fun and spending time with friends and family. It has opened gates for many gaming apps to enter into the era of Money earning apps. Through gaming apps like Ludo money, people not only get to spend quality time with their family but can also get value for their time by playing for money.

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