Hazards Of A Gas Leak In Household And Preventive Measures To Avoid Any Major Accidents

Gas leaks are dangerous but, unfortunately, very common in households all over the world. It’s not just the industrial emissions that are likely to cause gas leaks, but the mishandling of common household apparatus is another big reason for deaths caused by gas.  

But, household leaks are far less common as compared to industrial gas accidents. This is so because the gas in homes has a limited supply and is a mix of nitrogen and helium, which gives out a pungent smell if any leakage is detected from the supply. If you are present at your home, it would be easy to detect the gas leakage and immediately seek professional help to fix the leakage. 

Which places are likely to be prone to gas leaks?

The joining portion of the pipes where they are joined together at the fittings. The connections should be checked frequently to ensure that these fittings are tight. 

Improper protection of black iron piping. Since it is not corrosion-resistant, they are likely to get damaged from the prolonged presence of moisture. While burrowing them in the ground, make sure that they are properly protected from rust. 

The stainless steel lines are likely to get punctured by roofing nails when the lines are too closely installed to the roof during installing new roofs.  Notice the leak and call any good plumber gas fitter near you and get the leak fixed. 

How should I know when to call a plumber?

There are several signs of gas leaks to confirm your doubts, if any.

The Sulfur that is mixed with the gas before it is distributed at homes has a pungent smell. Any strong sulphur odour near gas pipes or appliances means you must call an emergency gas fitting plumber immediately and avoid going near the place or lighting any fire around. 

It’s not always necessary that gas smell can come from inside the home itself. For example, there could be a gas fireplace nearby or a burning outdoor grill on the other side of the wall. 

Underground leaks are another common problem that is hard to detect. If the smell is from outside, there might likely have been an underground leak. If the grass above the pipes is dead, it means the gas has under leaked the ground for quite long enough.

What is the first thing I should do if I encounter a gas leak?

  1. Any plumber will take at least some time to come and fix the problem, so meanwhile, you must know the necessary action you need to take to avoid any accident.
  2. In case of emergency, shut off the valves immediately. The plumber will repair the leak on the same day if it is not of major concern. 
  3. When the gas smell becomes unbearably strong, immediately leave the house and contact your local gas professionals to shut off the gas. Make sure you contact your nearest licensed plumber to ensure that the problem is handled properly at the most affordable prices. 
  4. If you detect any leak, do not use the cell phone or open your garage door. 
  5. Turn off all the electrical appliances. 
  6. Never smoke or have an open flame in the area of a gas smell.

Usually, plumbers and gas experts can repair your gas lines. So avoid doing your DIY techniques in these critical matters. Immediately seek a professional “plumber gas fitter near me” and let them conduct the proper testing to locate and correct the leakage.

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