Tobio Kageyama Everything You Need to Know

Who is Tobio Kageyama?

It’s time to introduce another character from the Haikyuu!! Series! This article will cover everything you need to know about Tobio Kageyama, a first-year setter at Karasuno. He’s known as “King of the Court” because of his presence on the court and is also a member of the Small Giant Posse along with Hinata Shouyou and Nishinoya Yuu.

Kageyama has black hair in an undercut style with bangs falling prominently over his eyes, so it almost looks like he doesn’t have any. His eyes are small, piercing black dots that always seem to be staring at something intensely or glaring in anger. Whenever he releases his energy on the court, his eyes practically light up with excitement.

Kageyama is a very driven and competitive person, always striving to be the best no matter what it takes. As a result, he can be quite harsh on himself and others, often coming off as bossy or even rude. However, this is simply because he has high standards and expects nothing less from himself or his teammates.

Kageyama’s skills as a setter are extremely impressive; he has an innate ability to read the opponent’s movements and quickly decide on the best course of action. As a result, he can control the game completely and never allows his opponents any breathing room.

During their match against Shiratorizawa Academy in Spring High, Kage-yama gets injured in the very first set. The coach decided to let him play since their middle blocker Tanaka was still out from his leg injury, but he aggravated his shoulder during the second half of the game.

Tobio’s personality is similar to Hinata’s in that he tries everything possible to become stronger and reach his goals no matter how far away they may be; however, Tobio has a tendency to give up when things get difficult instead of fighting through it as Hinata does.

How tall is Kageyama?

Kageyama is 170 cm tall.

Why is Kageyama the king of the court?

Kage-yama’s presence on the court is intimidating for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because his eyes light up in anger whenever he’s feeling competitive. His face looks like it would fit perfectly on a Greek statue; he plays with intensity and ferocity that arguably even exceeds Daichi Sawamura’s.

Where is Kageyama from?

Kageyama is from Miyagi prefecture in Japan (he has to be since Karasuno High’s school district only covers that area). He was born in the Aoba-Ku ward in Sendai city, an official resident of that city, but he moved to Ishinomaki in Miyagi when he was in elementary school.

Why is Kageyama scared of Hinata?

Kageyama has no clue why Hinata idolizes him so much, especially since Kage-yama finds Hinata annoying at times. He’s already heard about how amazing Hinata is from Nishinoya Yuu and Tanaka Hitoshi (Karasuno’s coach), so when they first meet, he can’t help but feel overwhelmed by everything that his teammates say about Hinata. This leads to him admitting that Hinata “scares” him a little bit because of how pathetic Kage-yama finds himself. After a while, Kage-yama gets over his fear and eventually becomes good friends.

What is Kageyama’s favorite thing to do?

Kageyama’s favorite thing to do is play volleyball. He loves the feeling of the ball bouncing off the net and the satisfaction of knowing he was able to put everything he has into that one perfect serve.

What is the Kageyama type?

Since Kageyama can be quite harsh on himself and others, it would stand to reason that he prefers someone who is also driven and competitive. Someone who can push him to be better while still supportive would be ideal. Physically, Kage-yama seems to be into slim girls with long hair.


Tobio Kageyama is an amazing player who always brings his best to the court. He has a great work ethic and is always looking to improve his skills. In addition, he is a fierce competitor and always wants to win. Tobio Kage-yama is a player to watch out for in the future. Thanks for reading!


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