Surprising Facts About Moissanite Engagement Rings

You may have heard about the latest trend of moissanite rings. These days, most people turn to custom-made moissanite engagement rings in place of diamond rings due to some surprising reasons that can change your mind about buying an expensive diamond ring. For instance, moissanite rings are 90% cheaper than diamond rings and have the same appearance. 

If you are curious about what others see in these moissanite rings, you have to learn more about them before making a decision. You may be surprised that moissanite rings have higher brilliance than others. So, without any delay let’s start this post with a little introduction to moissanite rings!

Moissanite is having a big moment right now. This stunning gemstone has been making waves in the world of custom engagement rings, with an increasing number of fashion-forward brides opting for this dazzling clear white gemstone. Moissanite was only discovered a century ago, therefore many people never heard of it. Here are four astonishing moissanite facts.

Surprising Facts About Moissanite Rings

#1. Moissanite Feel From The Stars:

Moissanite is rare and was created in the late 1990s by scientists working in a research laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You may be surprised that moissanite gemstones are created from silicon carbide crystals and they rival any natural gemstone in terms of brilliance. The best thing about the moissanite is that these synthetic gems are more popular than gemstones like sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. 


Moissanite Discovery:

Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, discovered Moissanite, a naturally occurring mineral, at the site of a massive meteorite hit in Arizona. In his honor, this fascinating new stone was given the name “moissanite.”

#2. Moissanite Are More Brilliant Than Diamond:

Moissanites resemble white diamonds in appearance. The enhanced brilliance of moissanite is one difference that many would consider an advantage. Moissanites feature a faceting design that lets them refract and reflect more light than diamonds, giving them more sparkle. Do you know how jewels have an entrancing glitter about them? Forever One moissanite is one kind of moissanite ring that is the best for you! It also attracts less grime and dirt as compared to diamonds and retains its brilliance longer between cleanings. 


Attractive Feature:

The Reflective Index (RI) measures how much moissanite reflects the light. The moissanite has a higher reflective index than diamonds due for this reason it is brighter than others. 

#3. Moissanite is Rare:

Moissanite is more valuable than diamonds! Yes, you read that correctly. A jewel’s rarity refers to its perceived or actual availability. As you know, moissanite is the rarest gem on the planet. Moissanite is not suited for use in jewelry since naturally occurring quantities are very small. Only a few businesses in the world are capable of generating Moissanite crystals appropriate for usage as a precious jewel after a century of research. Nonetheless, the procedure is so intricate that it is equal parts science and art.

#4. Moissanite Are Heat-Resistant:

Moissanite offers higher heat resistance as compared to other stones, providing specific two advantages for employing moissanite in exquisite jewelry. First is that moissanite jewels can be cast in place and allow the jeweler to create custom-fit and unique designs. The second one is moissanite jewelry is less prone to be damaged by heat during jewelry repair procedures. 

Amazing Note

Moissanite can withstand the high temperature encountered in most house fires. Apart from it, they are robust, hard stones that resist abrasion and scratches. 


These are some interesting factors that can encourage you to buy forever one engagement ring, it is one type of moissanite ring. Buy inexpensive moissanite engagement rings and make your big day memorable. 

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