5 Best Substitutes of MovieWatcher for Binge-Watching

Are you a binge watcher too? If yes, then I am sure you have seen movies or TV shows on MovieWatcher. And for those who have not even heard about MovieWatcher AMC, it is the latest, trending and unlimited online movie streaming website with a high video quality. It allows you to download unlimited movies with zero charges.

But expecting everything from MovieWatcher tv series and movies can limit you from other alternative options, which have their pros. So, here I am with some of the best alternative websites to www.moviewatcher.com if you want to switch.    


HouseMovie is a free online movie streaming site with more than 4 thousand films to stream online. HouseMovie has offered the top-ranked films and television shows of high quality and has categorized them based on the genre. The website also has a download option for us.

As I said, you can download movies from HouseMovie in the best quality (high, low, medium), and the best part is you can watch movies without interruption. HouseMovie is a trending movie network which is very popular for newly released films.

HouseMovie is easy to access because the site is very well organized. The process of watching films online or downloading films is not difficult at all. And before you watch a movie or a series, you can read the description in a click about that particular movie, which gives you a sense of what the movie is about. 

2. Vidics

Vidics is the second best alternative for MovieWatcher for streaming movies and television shows online. The unique point of Vidics is that this website provides a description of the movies as well as details of the actors and actresses in the films, which makes them different from other sites.

Vidics is divided into 2 sections- the first one is the new section and the second one is the schedule section. The new section has all the upcoming new release movies, tv shows and the scheduled section

has the timings and the release date. 

The drawback of Vidics that you have to deal with while watching movies or television shows is slow loading and buffering of movies which is caused due to high-quality content on the website. Another annoying thing about Vidics is that before you stream movies online on Vidics, the only point you must keep in mind is that you have to install DivX or Flash Player to use Vidics.

3. Rainierland

Rainierland is quite distinct from other websites because this website provides a premium experience with HD movies and television shows without any advertisement in between, which means no interruption while watching your favorite movies or tv shows.

Another feature of Rainierland is its top IMDB section, where you can watch movies and TV shows with the highest IMDB. The website is very easy to operate because it has sections divided into new release movies, upcoming release movies and trending movies.

4. Speed

I strongly recommend the Speed website if you want to watch movies at high resolution because they only show HD and high-quality movies and television shows. However, the only unpleasant thing about the website is ads in between the movies and shows. Besides that, the interface is simple with three sections: movies, TV shows and release dates. And search bar on the top.


Movie4U is all in one website for any movies, series, or TV shows. Movie4U is a legit website that does not contain any hacking practices or spam ads. This website does not contain any hacking practices or spam, making it easy to operate.

The best quality of Movie4U is that the website does not feature any ads; you just simply log in to the website and download movies, TV shows or series without interruption. 


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