Protect your Cigarettes Nature-friendly Blank Cigarette Boxes

The consumption of cigarettes has been increasing in the past few years. There are several alternatives to cigarettes, but it does not affect the demand for cigarettes. Several makers have introduced their customized cigarette boxes in the market. Every manufacturer who has dealt with certain custom boxes should be very careful in the manufacturing of the boxes. The makers should consider the cons of their packaging that harm our ecosystem. Out of nine planets, Earth is the only planet for our living.

Furthermore, this is our responsibility to protect it from harmful things. Besides, recyclable material is used in the manufacturing of the custom packaging of the boxes. We are making cigarette boxes with cardboard. Cardboard is a very environmentally friendly material. As responsible citizens, it’s our moral duty to make our land pollution-free. 

Do you know about Plain Packaging?

Plain packaging means the packaging of cigarettes in one color and texture. Makers should maintain the size and shape according to the set standards. It is prohibited in many countries to print logos or other promotional elements on the packaging. The blank cigarette boxes only print the company name, details about the product, quantity of the product, and contact information. It is compulsory to print health warnings instructions from the department of health on the boxes.

The Government has passed many laws regarding the packaging of cigarette boxes. If the brand does not follow that instruction, it will face the consequences. The state has also instructed companies to print tax details on their cigarette boxes. 

Why is Plain Packaging Crucial for Cigarettes?

Eye-catching design and multi colors packaging make smoking items attractive for the customers. Customers belong to every age group from adult to old. Appealing packaging misled the smoker when it has not printed any health instructions on it. Smoking is unhealthy and brings disaster for you. So, the Promotion of smoking and other tobacco-related items is prohibited in many countries. Many countries have tried to restrict tobacco companies to use cigarette packaging as a marketing tool. Every government has the goal to reduce the consumption of tobacco in their country. Plain packaging is one of the ways to combat with the increasing consumption of the cigarette.

World health organization (WHO) says in 2016:

“Plain packaging is an essential requirement reduction stratagem that reduces the attractiveness of tobacco products, check the use of tobacco packaging as a form of tobacco advertising and promotion, frontiers deluding packaging and labeling, and boosts the effectiveness of health warnings”. 

Features of the Custom Cigarette Boxes

  1. Space: every box must have enough space for the product. If there is not enough space for each cigarette, the contour, and texture of the product will damage. Initially, makers should concentrate who the number of cigarettes that align properly in the plain cigarette box. Manufacturers must focus that it is easy to put in and take out the cigarette from the box.
  2. Printing quality: printing techniques also heighten the marketing of the product. If the picture is not printed well, the customer will lose control of the product. High-quality printing has the clout to convince the people and encourage the customer to buy it. 
  3. Eco-friendly packaging: the packaging for cigarettes must be bio-degradable and eco-friendly. The material should not harm the environment in any way. The cupboard is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It creates an astonishing and unprecedented design that increases the marketing level of the product. Cupboard creates less pollution in the environment. The cupboard is one of the renewable materials.
  4. Easy to carry and use: usually, light-weighted cigarette boxes are considered as easy to carry and use. People prefer boxes that are easily adjustable in their pockets. If the box is too large, people will not carry it easily. This aspect of the packaging also plays an important role in the success of the product.
  5. Health warning: Government has passed many laws regarding the packaging of cigarette boxes. It is explicitly instructed in these laws that the companies are bound to print the health warnings on the box of tobacco-related items. If the brand did not obey the laws, they will punish by the govt.

Why do You Choose CustomBoxesZone?

It’s an art to make unique designs for the packaging of the cigarette boxes. A cigarette is a flimsy item, it will be easily damaged and broken. It is necessary to make a cigarette box in such a way that it will not ruin the product. We use the most excellent quality cupboard material to protect your product. Moreover, boxes are significant for the import and export of the cigarette. Due to packaging, it is easy to handle and carry them. 

Moreover, we will grant you different styles and designs such as digital, 2-D, 3-D that will boost your brand. We will also offer you different size ranges according to your demand that is one-piece, two-piece, sleeve boxes. We will render you the best cigarette boxes that will play a vital role in the enhancement of your brand. Place your order now. We are here to provide flawless services to our shoppers. We are suggesting free shipping, free customer care services. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. We are here 22/7. You will receive your parcel at a given time and on your doorstep. 


The consumption of cigarettes has been increased day by day. The consumers belong to every age group. Every year hundreds of manufacturers have come into the market. It seems very difficult to distinguish your product in the market. It is easy to use and carry. Exceptional cigarette boxes also make the customer satisfaction. We use eco-friendly material that keeps our Earth clean. Harmful material creates pollution and damages the ozone layer. It’s the moral duty of the manufacturer to keep the land clean. 

The cupboard material that we are using is recyclable. We are offering you cigarette boxes in every shape, size, and style according to your demand. Furthermore, we provide you special finishing in the matte and glossy coating, silver and gold foil, etc. The custom boxes zone provides you best quality packaging for your product that boosts the marketing of your brand.

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