Get To Know About WZ Ranked Website And Its Important Stats

What is Wz

Wz is a website that ranks the best websites in the world. It uses a variety of factors to determine the rankings, including traffic, user engagement, and the quality of the site’s content. WZ Ranked is a site that permits you to look at the data of your Call Of Duty: Warzone details when you believe you are adequate to begin boasting to your mates. While playing on the web serious games, there is surely an opportunity you will go over a renowned gamer or two. You can not be guaranteed it will at any point work out, nor could you at any point tell precisely when it could work out – however you could have a chance in the back by somebody showing your demise to spectators on Twitch or YouTube. What’s more, with the assistance of another element on WZ Ranked, you can now check to assume that it at any point happened to you.


To check the WZ details, put your username in for either or your PlayStation/Xbox username and see your KDA, and match history, and presently you can likewise distinguish assuming you have been in a coordinate with any steamers or geniuses.

General information:

Domain Name:
Registration Date: 2020-12-17T10:59:33Z
Expiration Date: 2021-12-17T10:59:33Z
Registrar URL: Tucows Domains Inc.
Registrar Contact: Not Available
Hosted In United States Of America
Safety: Safe
Domain Extension: .com


How to Get Ranked? 

Wz ranked .com is intended only for Call of Duty players. This site just ranks the players of Call of Duty as per their details in the game. To get yourself positioned on this site you simply need to join the site and fill in the necessary data alongside your Call of Duty username.

This site does not work with different games, to get positioned on Wz ranked .com you need to join with your Call of Duty account. Thus it will essentially follow your records and rank you as per your losses and wins, kills, and other abilities as per information and execution in the game.

Stats Relates To Website: 

  • Company: WZ Ranked
  • Industry: Games > Video Games-Consoles and Accessories
  • Global Rank: #35,639
  • Country Rank: #21,832
  • Category Rank: #597
  • Total Visits: 1.7M
  • Bounce Rate: 43.91%
  • Pages per Visit: 3.66
  • Avg Visit Duration: 00:05:07

Top 50 Leaderboard:

The leaderboard is divided into four categories. Anyone can check out the top players of the games as per the following categories.  All the top 50 players are ranked according to these four categories.

The top 50 leaderboard is a great way to see who the best players in the world are, and it can also help you improve your own skills by seeing how others are playing. If you’re stuck at a certain rank, you can also use the top 50 leaderboard to see what you need to do to move up.

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What is the eligibility of getting ranked?

To get positioned on Wz Ranked .com you need to follow a severe measure and should have an adequate number of abilities as per their requirements.

  • The game and username ought to have the option to be followed by Wz ranked .com
  • Players must take part in the game’s mission and tasks
  • It is suggested that the player has played 66 games
  • A non-dynamic status in the game for seven days might bring about your records being deleted.

K/D Ratio:

  • Rank 1: SenseiPSY
  • Rank 2: skully
  • Rank 3: Bryan

Win Ratio:

  • Rank 1: marked
  • Rank 2: Devious
  • Rank 3: Sleeper 

Kills Record:

  • Rank 1: Rocket
  • Rank 2: YT Dr3w
  • Rank 3: Focused

Gulag Win Ratio:

  • Rank 1: MYA
  • Rank 2: InfaCOL
  • Rank 3: Aydan 


  • LEGEND: TOP 0.1%
  • MASTER: TOP 1%
  • DIAMOND 1: TOP 5%
  • DIAMOND 2: TOP 10%
  • DIAMOND 3: TOP 15%
  • DIAMOND 4: TOP 20%
  • PLATINUM 1: TOP 25%
  • PLATINUM 2: TOP 30%
  • PLATINUM 3: TOP 35%
  • PLATINUM 4: TOP 40%
  • GOLD 1: TOP 45%
  • GOLD 2: TOP 50%
  • GOLD 3: BOTTOM 50%
  • GOLD 4: BOTTOM 45%
  • SILVER 1: BOTTOM 40%
  • SILVER 2: BOTTOM 35%
  • SILVER 3: BOTTOM 30%
  • SILVER 4: BOTTOM 25%
  • BRONZE 1: BOTTOM 20%
  • BRONZE 2: BOTTOM 15%
  • BRONZE 3: BOTTOM 10%

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