A Complete Guide to Buying a Wine Cabinet

Professionals and amateurs alike are turning to tools that ensure their best bottles of wine will age in the best way possible. Wine coolers, cabinets, and cellars are among these tools. Each has pros and cons, but before you go shopping, you should think about these three important things:

  • How long do you want to keep your bottles and let them age?
  • In general, how many bottles do you plan to store?
  • How much room do you have for your new wine cabinet in your home?

Choose a Wine Cabinet Based on How Long You Want to Age Wine

You should first consider how long you want to store or age the wine. A wine cooler can be a great choice if you want a place to keep white wine bottles cool while you serve them. But you shouldn’t keep bottles in a cooler for more than a year because all it does is cool the wine. When it comes to short-term or long-term storage for ageing, things can get a little trickier.

Short- or Long-Term Ageing

The mid-range wine rack cabinet will age well for a short to medium amount of time, about 5 years. Their compressor will allow maintaining a steady humidity level and the necessary temperature to preserve the bottles in optimal condition. These appliances are typically less expensive than high-end cabinets. They can be useful for those who are new to wine or do not wish to age it for an extended period of time.

For Growing Old Over Time

In contrast, the high-end cabinet is constructed to survive for a long time. The combination of high-quality materials, insulation, and cooling technology makes these cabinets the closest you can get to a real wine cellar.

The optimal method for ageing a bottle depends on a few key factors, and elevated wine cabinets must adhere to this standard.


Models with full doors or windows that have been coated to block UV rays block light. UV rays diminish the durability of wine.


The temperature is maintained between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal range for keeping items. Changes in temperature that occur too rapidly, especially large decreases or increases in temperature, can be detrimental to wine. When the seasons change, moderate temperature fluctuations (a few degrees) are typical and even desirable.


Hygrometry, or the amount of moisture in the air, is stabilised to reduce changes and will be best between 55 and 80%. This is the right amount of moisture in the air. Because of its close relationship with the cork, hygrometry is of the utmost importance. This is because the cork stopper is a tight seal for the liquid and a way to let the wine breathe and interact with its surroundings. If the air is too dry, the cork can get broken, which can cause the wine to go bad quickly.


With a good compressor, you will notice less of the vibrations caused by how it moves. With these slower, more controlled compressors that are frequently isolated from the cabinet chest, residual vibrations can be minimised.

The Bottle’s Orientation

The angle of the bottle must be vertical, which is typically the case in all wine racks in the  UK, in order to keep the cork waterproof.


Choose a Wine Cabinet Based on House Space

When you buy a wine cabinet, especially a big one, you should always ensure you have enough space and that the dimensions match. You should also think about the wine cabinet’s style. Some are made to be built-in, while others are not. Whether you bought a medium-priced or high-priced wine cabinet, you should always check these things.

Long-term storage cabinets are usually non-recessed, which means they are not built into the wall. This means that the compressor needs a certain amount of space on each cabinet side to work properly.

With the help of the above-mentioned points, you quickly buy wine fridges in the UK. 

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