Why is Citric Acid Everything?

Citric acid is among the most commonly used ingredients, usually within the food industry. It is among the most frequently added ingredients that preserve food, but you can even use them to create a sour or tart flavor. The citric acid liquid is an excellent and natural means that extends a product’s outer shelf life, and it simply diminishes the pH to a point where bacteria cannot grow further. 

Additional processes, such as pasteurization, work great with citric acid to make a product shelf much more stable. When you think about citric acid, the first things that strike the mind are food and beverage products. However, you need to know that citric acid is also used in cosmetics for different reasons, and these also contain thickening gels and creams that keep the pH in a reasonable range. You can even add it to the medications with the motive to add a palatable flavor.

Citric acid is usually found in citrus fruits, same as the lemons, grapefruits, limes, and oranges. However, the majority of citric acid that you see in packaged foods is not citrus fruit; instead, it is manufactured in bulk with a reasonable process. It is extremely rare to find an organic citric acid, which means it is extracted from citrus fruits and it is because they are simply more costly. The benefit of using organic citric acid is that the sourcing is extremely clear, and the methods are even direct and standardized. However, when it comes to the product quality, ingredients used, and how they are made, you need to know that the final products are always high-quality. 

Uses and Benefits

Citric acid works great as an additive, which enhances natural flavors, and as a preservative. Further, those are used in medicinal products, cosmetics, antioxidants, and cleaning products. 

Flavoring and food preservation

You can add citric acid to processed foods and drinks that are packaged so they can stay in good condition for a long time. Those packed foods can be ice creams, sodas, sorbets, and wine. It is even used as a preservative and for adding flavors. Further, it is also added to different foods stored in a can and jar that restrict the spread of botulism. 

Cosmetics and personal care products

Citric acid is used as a personal care product ingredient that helps to enhance skin brightness, eliminate unwanted dark spots, and reduce fine lines. You can use citric acid products near the eyes, mouth, and even nasal passages. It can even be used in hairsprays, deodorants, and body sprays that keep you fresh all day long. Sodium citrate, which is a salt of citric acid, works great, usually with lipstick and soap. Citric acid and salts can even be used in preserved cosmetics and personal care products that help adjust pH levels. 


Citric acid works great to kill harmful bacteria and the viral infection that occurs on the skin’s surface, which is common in people with diabetes. Other than that, it is also common in older people and the ones who smoke. Further, citric acid is a combination of sodium citrate and potassium citrate that lowers the acid levels in urine and helps prevent gout attacks. 

Cleaning products

Citric acid is added to the commercial cleaning products that work great to reduce hard water build-up on the dishes and glassware. It is even used to remove coffee and tea stains, yellow or brown discoloration, and water or urine stains. Unfortunately, some commercial products containing citric acid bulk are water-based, which can cause the corrosion of metals. However, dry the metals thoroughly after cleaning them to reduce and eliminate the rust formation. 

Citric acid has enormous benefits and uses, so it is always a wise choice to get it in bulk if you are considering buying it. However, if you are not sure where to buy liquid citric acid, you need to know that different online stores provide quality products that you can use for commercial business. 


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