What Party Lovers Look in Chicago Limo Rental

Since limo parties are more exclusive and unique experiences for anyone who enjoys partying in luxury, undoubtedly, youth are crazy about them. With Chicago Limo rental, you and your pals get the opportunity to explore the city in a lavish or opulent vehicle. Before you book a limousine for your friend and yourself to attend your upcoming weekend party. Checkout the options that fit your needs! 

30 Pass. Hummer H2 Triple Axle

Do you enjoy getting praised? If so, a limousine is, without a doubt, what you need. Think about riding in a limousine to a location like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Really cool, that would be. Get your group behind the wheel and wow the crowd if you want to make a phenomenal entrance. Definitely, more people will pay attention to you. Choosing this 30 passengers option will get you to avail of various benefits such as: 

  • 2 Gullwing Doors
  • VIP Private Section RoomI
  • Sound system of 8500 Watt
  • Disco Floor
  • Disco Bars
  • 46* LED TV

25 Pass. Hummer H2 White Pearl

For your party on wheels, it’s better to look for a Chicago limo rental that is fully equipped with all the fun and jazz. This party limousine features a great sound system allowing you to enjoy the music. Furthermore, the car’s seats are really cozy. Let’s have a quick look at the features that you may get. 

  • VIP Disco Section
  • 22″ Chrome Rims
  • 46″ LED TV
  • Sound system of 8500 Watt
  • Laser Show & Disco Lights 

16 Pass. Mercedes Sprinter Vip Edition 

How much you can party is all up to you. When you’re rolling around with a party, you can always order another drink. To begin playing your favorite song, simply invite your friends. 16 Pass. Mercedes Sprinter Vip Edition enables you to have ultimate fun with fewer friends with its remarkable amenities like: 

  • Custom Made Bars
  • Disco Lights 
  • CD/MP3/AM/FM/iPod 
  • Laser Show
  • 8,500 Watt sound system
  • LED TV

14 Pass. Lincoln Navigator 

When a limousine is mentioned, everything becomes showy. The limousine’s original function was to provide luxury for VIPs or famous people on their commutes. It’s because of its exquisite features and design that the limousine is a symbol of luxury. The space inside a limousine is this pricey vehicle’s key selling point. Some limousines may accommodate more than 15 to 20 passengers at once. But if you have private parties with selected people, then this is an ideal party vehicle to go with. Facilities that you can relish are: 

  • VIP Disco Section
  • 5,500 Watt sound system
  • LED TVs
  • 22″ Chrome Rims
  • Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling/Bars

Also, Know When to Choose a Party Bus Over Limousine

When planning a memorable night out with your pals, a party bus is the ideal transportation option. For instance, 34 Pass. Party Bus “Hawaii E-edition” offers lots of space to move around and dance without bumping into other people, unlike crowded clubs and pubs! You’ll get to experience all that elite on wheels as well: seats made up of leather, excellent stereo systems, HD TVs, lighting systems, etc. 

Additionally, the best services and amenities make the party bus feel like a floating penthouse. Imagine taking a private flight without having to deal with the annoying hassles of airline check-in or airport security! 

However, the prices of a Chicago party bus rent will be a bit higher than a limo. If you have a good budget and want to have an extraordinary experience, then a party bus is surely your option! 


After reading this guide, you have excellent choices to make from Chicago limo rental. Find the one that suits your part goals! 


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