What Happens After a Home Inspection? How Long Does It Take?

Although they aren’t typically necessary, homeowners generally agree that home inspections in victoria Bc are valuable. Discovering potential problems before you move in is the most excellent way to prevent your ideal home purchase from becoming a nightmare. When you receive the results of your home inspection, you can do the following.

Most homebuyers know the need to have a property inspected, but do you know how to use the information it reveals? Every home has problems, and it’s up to you to decide whether you can put up with them or whether you need the owner to make repairs before you buy.

 What Happens During a Home Inspection?

The quality of home inspections is different from what you may think. Most home inspection victoria bc may be finished in 2 to 3 hours, while bigger houses may require more time. You might be allowed to go along with the house inspection in some circumstances so they can explain their findings as they go.

The inspector will investigate the house from the inside out, looking for signs of foundation problems, electrical or plumbing problems, water damage, and code violations (such as missing handrails, etc.). The inspector will also examine the circuit breaker, light fixtures, chimneys, sprinklers, HVAC system, and appliances.

After the examination, the customer will receive a written report detailing all inspection results.

Mold investigations are one thing that is typically excluded from a standard inspection. Mold is typically a specialized issue that requires its review, but if a home inspector notices a severe case, they may note it in their report. Also, termites are typically not checked for by home inspectors. Additionally, a separate inspection is optional but may provide the buyer with peace of mind.

Are Home Inspections Required?

A home inspection is typically not necessary if you’re using a mortgage loan to purchase your residence. Instead, it’s to ensure the buyer’s satisfaction and allow you to ask for repairs before you take possession.

However, the majority of lenders strongly recommend a house inspection. Although legally not required for FHA loans, lenders frequently propose them in writing.

The decision to conduct an inspection is the buyer’s to make, which will be at the buyer’s expense.

What Comes After the Inspection

You are in the dark about potential problems that can ultimately influence your buying decision if you don’t have a house inspection. You can choose how to move forward after you have the report in your possession.

You might prefer it in some circumstances if the homeowner handles repairs himself. This may spare you the headache of completing it yourself, but remember that the homeowner can choose to deal with the least expensive contractor. A justification and an estimated cost should support any requests you make.

Another choice is to request a “repair credit,” which will enable you to handle problems as you see fit. For whatever home repairs you might require, HomeAdvisor can put you in touch with top regional contractors for no cost.

Certain repairs, such as those related to code breaches or water intrusion, must be made by homeowners (e.g. a wet basement). Other significant repairs, such as replacing an outdated roof or HVAC system, can be requested, but the seller is not required to make them.

In extreme circumstances, the findings of the house inspection may require you to rescind your offer.

Your real estate agent’s assistance in navigating the many moving pieces of a house inspection, from scheduling the inspection to asking the seller to proceed with the contract, is a crucial part of their job.


Don’t ignore the inspection entirely due to a lack of knowledge or experience. Even though it’s unnecessary, a home inspection services might provide you peace of mind that you’re taking the appropriate steps to fulfill your dream of becoming a homeowner.

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