What are High Concentration CBD Cartridges?

Unlike in the US, strong CBD Cartridges are a fairly recent addition to the UK vaping market selection. This is because in the European and UK, we tend to be more orientated towards vaping products using e liquids that are a base of PG and VG where the CBD is dissolved into this solution.  The US on the other hand, has always favoured vaping high concentration cannabis extracts which are undiluted by any other liquids such as this PG / VG blend or MCT. The latter, US option, not only is a much cleaner or more pure way to vape CBD, but it also means that due to the high concentration these cannabis cartridges are a lot stronger. In this article I’ll explain a bit more about CBD vape oil and what I think is the best high concentration CBD cartridge for sale in the UK

As many of us know, vaping CBD is one of the quickest and strongest methods for delivering CBD into the body. Unlike when eating CBD in an edible format which needs to pass through your digestive system before it enters your bloodstream, when you vape, the CBD enters the bloodstream much more quickly via the large blood vessel surface area of the lungs. Due to this efficiency and effectiveness, vaping CBD continues to grow in popularity.  However, as mentioned earlier, the most common way of vaping CBD is in e liquids. CBD e liquids offer a lighter vape and are perfect if you are looking to vape regularly throughout the day. 

However, and really rather excitingly, the UK market is beginning to take the lessons learned over in the US to bring us a cleaner, more natural vape experience. High concentration CBD cartridges contain distillate CBD vape oil and that’s it! This means you are literally just vaping hemp extract, natural terpenes and nothing else – no cutting agents like MCT, PG or VG. As such, CBD vape oil cartridges tend to be much stronger (55%-65%) than CBD e liquids that usually range from 5 – 10% in strength. 

You have to remember, though, if you go with a high concentration CBD vape oil cartridge, this will require you to have a device that is able to heat the more viscous liquid. CBD e liquids use the same hardware that people use to vape nicotine or flavoured vape juice. However, these devices won’t always be powerful enough to heat up the more sticky, thicker CBD vape oil. Just make sure you pair your new high concentration CBD cartridge with a vape battery that has a high voltage settings or variable voltage so that you can select its strongest setting – a bonus is if you find one with pre-heat functionality as this will allow you to warm up the oil before you vape, making it a lot smoother. 

Now onto what I have been liking recently – currently, my favourite CBD vape oil cartridge comes from a fairly new brand called Paso. Their little CBD distillate cartridges are 65% (one of the strongest I have found in the UK actually) and contain additional cannabinoids, in particular a good amount of CBG (which I’ve been hearing really helps bring out the effects of the CBD). They come in two different flavours – Daybreak and Citrus Eclipse – don’t worry I’ve tried both! Daybreak is their take on an OG kush with a really nice herbaceous flavour, it also makes you feel more chilled so I’d suggest this one for at the end of the day or when you are looking to relax more quickly. Whereas their Citrus Eclipse – a take on Super Lemon Haze – has a more citrus edge and actually makes you feel a bit more awake so I’d suggest using during the day if you are looking for something a bit more uplifting.  They also have a range of CBD e liquids and, whatsmore, they sell a vape pen device that works for both CBD e liquids and thicker CBD vape oils so you don’t have to limit yourself from the get go! 

Let me know if you guys have any other brands that you have come across that you like and that I should try. Always keen for more! Happy vaping! 


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