Know Why Weightlifting And Powerlifting Women Need Singlets

There might be possibilities of not seeing any women wearing singlets in the gym, but in competitions, women’s lifting singlets is all that you will see. Whether you are into powerlifting or weightlifting, singlets are a staple clothing for you. Though the lifting singlets for women do not seem to be quite flattering but wearing them in the competitions is necessary.

Singlets seem too revealing to many as they are structured in a way that most of the skin is visible. But the moment you enter to compete, you are not left with much of a choice. Every powerlifting organization has made the singlets compulsory for every lifter may it be men or women. The rule may seem unfortunate, but the makers have their reason. The judges of the competition judge you mostly based on the depth of your squats while you are lifting. Hence the visibility of the legs must not get hindered by any piece of cloth. And this is why baggy shorts or pants are not recommended in a competition. In such cases wearing women’s lifting singlets is the only option you are left with. Therefore when you know singlets are compulsory, it is better to make it worth wearing by going for the colour and pattern of your choice. Well, here are a few reasons why wearing women’s sports singlets are important.

  • One of the top reasons is the rules of the competition. If you wish to enter in any lifting competition, you should have the perfect lifting singlet of women.
  • Lifting singlets for women are comforting and durable. Once you invest in one, you can count on it for at least 10-15 upcoming competitions.
  • Unlike your baggy workout pants, a singlet will not cause any hindrance in your performance. While you lift heavy weights by squatting or performing any other exercise, there will be no piece of cloth disturbing you.

Singlets may be quite embarrassing to wear but remember when you compete, your prime focus should be on your performance and not on how you look. Of course, it is not a fashion show, where looking stylish is the need of the hour. So put on your singlet and perform like no one’s watching!

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