Top Ugly Cartoon Characters Of Animation History Of All Time

Female cartoon characters can be categorized as one of two classifications: attractive or ugly. Now is the ideal time to dig into the absolute ugly cartoon characters. Remember, however, all through our rundown of the ugliest, that they’re not terrible, they’re recently drawn that way. Simply joking — they’re ugly.

Velma Dinkley – Scooby Doo

Gracious Velma, what a horrible bit of destiny that Hanna-Barbera made you continually stand close to Daphne Blake. Ms. Dinkley, we strongly suggest you quit spending time with your super-hot companion Daphne — it’s not making a difference. Unfortunately, however, with a name like Velma Dinkley this Scooby Doo character was bound for promptitude. Tragically not even school young lady clothing of knee-high socks and a short, creased skirt could assist with working on Velma’s un-hot outside. It’s great that she’s shrewd.

Peppermint Patty – Peanuts

She’s butch and she mentors young lady’s softball. Correct, Peppermint Patty is nominated as someone destined to turn into a female phys ed instructor — you know what we’re talking about and we ain’t discussing the lipstick assortment. This Peanuts character is thrilling in every one of some unacceptable spots and her character sure isn’t assisting her sex with engaging. She once strolled down the road singing, “young ladies are made of sugar and zest and everything pleasant” as she hits Charlie Brown upside the head.

Evil – Sleeping Beauty

You would feel that a “paramour of all insidious” would be a marginally hotter title however Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty isn’t your run-of-the-mill ‘courtesan’, with her thorn-head and detestable green-looked gaze. If her malicious looks weren’t enough she additionally needs to kill alluring youthful maidens as beauty (Sleeping’s) Aurora out of unadulterated, unabated envy. To finish everything off she is encircled by green blazes and wears a faux pas killing huge dark moo.

Angela – Family Guy

If fatso Peter Griffin is repelled by somebody, you realize they are not exactly appealing. What’s more, if male acknowledgment of lewd gestures is any sign of generally speaking provocativeness, Angela from Family Guy rates at an unsurpassed low after having a 10-year dry streak. Her past plain outside of a plain suit and a not exactly provocative curator hair bun, never really adds to her general absence of charm. To finish everything off she has forceful gum disease.

Luna – Thundercats

Definitive vixen Luna, of the Thundercats, is a major wad of terrible secrets in a little bundle. Her minuscule structure size doesn’t remove anything from her ball-busting character and appearance, however, as she has two horns outgrowing her head, a skunk-styled hair styling, a larger than usual head, and a twofold jawline. She additionally has Vulcan-like ears and the lines in front of her look like a Botox patient ‘before’ shot.

Mammy Two-Shoes – Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry’s Mammy Two-Shoes is another person that will make them run for the slopes. She has the sexy allure of Aunt Jemima. This large-boned diva was so repulsive that MGM routinely concealed her face from the camera, featuring rather her floppy build and sock-wearing, man-sized-shoe-wearing feet.

Yzma – The Emperor’s New Groove

One of the ugly female cartoon characters. The Emperor’s New Groove bad guy Yzma is so appalling that different characters in the story referred to her as “alarming ridiculous”. Despite her steady self-consolation that she is wonderful, not even Yzma could deny her general grotesqueness. As far as we might be concerned, she seems to be Cruela de Vil if you tossed in a pounded-up barbecue and thin facial structure. Character Kuzco over and over kidded that Yzma is “undeniable evidence that dinosaurs once wandered the Earth”.

Loretta Brown – Family Guy

What might we at any point say about Loretta Brown from Family Guy? She’s stout, has a malicious gaze and she has an ungracefully huge head. Peter detested her so much that he killed her by dropping a brontosaurus skeleton on her. Props go out to Loretta however, for getting around despite not having a lot to work with, as she went behind spouse Cleveland’s back with Quagmire, Mayor Adam West, Ollie Williams, AND Greased-Up Deaf Guy.

Sheila Brovloski – South Park

She has a ginger bee colony haircut, a collection of Roseanne Barr, and no perceptible neck area. Sheila Brovloski, a.k.a Kyle’s mother from South Park, is another recoil commendable chick to make our rundown. The above are all horrendously compounded with a horrendous, piercing voice (the majority of the monstrous kid’s shows appear to share this in like manner)- – making you wish her job was a non-talking one.

Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

This pup killing a brutal fallen angel makes other Disney bad guys seem to be simple novices. Cruella de Vil’s skunk-like haircut seems to be something of the Jersey Shore and she’s the sort of thing that makes Kate Moss seem to be a Jenny Craig before photograph. To boot she has an underhanded, soul-killing gaze that could turn the White Witch to stone.

Helga – Hey Arnold

She has a unibrow AND she is Helga. She is a ‘mean young lady’ totally, and not in the provocative Lindsay Lohan way; a character quality that mainly accents her harsh spitfire outside. The reality she keeps a harsh spitfire outside in a pink dress will let you know exactly how ugly this Hey Arnold diva truly is. A youthful blonde in braids has never looked so simple.

Mrs. McCormick – South Park

Mrs. McCormick also called Kenny’s mother on South Park, is positively the trashiest person on the show — and this rundown. Her lime-green, trailer-park shirt expresses “I’m With Stupid” help, as does her lopsided, mullet-enlivened hairstyle. Her oily red hair and periodic facial injury pleasantly highlight her other trailer park characteristics. Indeed, even her qualities are appalling to the point that her child’s face should be under steady cover.

Meg Griffin – Family Guy

You know the saying, “a face just a mother could cherish”? Well, that doesn’t appear to apply to Meg Griffin since even her provocative mother Lois appears to chide her for her offensiveness and even supports Meg’s frantic self-destructive considerations. She positively didn’t get her mom’s looks or figure, as Meg sports an overweight A-outline figure that is exacerbated with loose garments, a repulsive pink beanie, and wide-rimmed glasses. To make it happen by selling you on how improper Meg is, she even continually tosses her v-card out there yet stays a virgin.

Two individuals once soak themselves in fuel and light a match at how terrible she is. However, they didn’t see the banging body behind the voice of Meg, Mila Kunis.


Daria Morgendorffer wears the exemplary women’s activist uniform of thick-rimmed glasses, indistinguishable cumbersome sweaters, and shoes befitting a coal mine shaft specialist. This Beavis and Butthead spin-off character even have a droning voice that adds to her general absence of allure. The main thing that has made Daria look remotely ‘disabled’ is remaining close to Beavis and Butthead.

The Ugly Stepsisters – Cinderella

The Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella are however ghastly looking as they seem to be ethically bankrupt. This sister miscreant couple was prepped by the Wicked Stepmother, so we can’t exactly fault them for their character or abnormal appearances — so we’ll give the credit to Disney who accomplished their objective of energizing Anastasia and Drizella as “ruined, abnormal, and gawky”.

Patty and Selma – The Simpsons

Patty and Selma surely aren’t our thought processes when we think of twin sisters. They are frump and glaring. They work at the DMV. They additionally have rough voices from their chain smoking. These ball-busting enemies of darlings once showed a shiver-instigating class at the Adult Learning Annex named, “How to Turn a Man to Putty”. Simpson’s maker Matt Groening once portrayed these foul sisters as ladies who “drain the life out of everything”.

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Pixar, your scrupulousness is best in class, so when you meant to make a frightful person you did it incredibly well. Edna Mode, of The Incredibles, is a coordinated exertion of terrible. She is ugly², to the 3D power. The most amazing aspect of Edna’s unsatisfying veneer is that she is a style creator in terms of her professional career yet wears ladylike outfits that would make Susan B. Anthony looks flapper-esque in the examination. Regardless of being quite possibly Pixar’s ugliest female person, we give props to Pixar for doing it so well.

Olive Oyl – Popeye Cartoons

Once more, hair buns should help us to remember underhanded curators however Olive Oyl some way or another runs that old reserve dream. Maybe her stick-slight leanness destroyed her exterior, or her small chesticles, or her goliath feet enhanced under hot yokels. It could likewise be her bothersome voice and affinity to outrage. Regardless of which includes you check her on, Olive Oyl guaranteed an excellent situation on our rundown. We will give her props however for as yet being pursued by a randy mariner and neanderthal-like Brutus.

 Lunchlady Doris – The Simpsons

Lunch Ladies are intrinsically ugly cartoon characters girl yet Doris from The Simpsons takes it to another level. Yet again her motherly coverall, hair bun, (not of the hot bookkeeper influence), cigarette continually swinging from her glaring mouth and linebacker constitution don’t help the enormous exterior. She never had an old flame on the show, even though she appeared to completely partake in that time she lubed up Groundskeeper Willy so basically we realize which group she plays for. She additionally serves as the school nurturer, effectively killing our attractive attendant dreams. Furthermore, to top everything off, she’s a horrendous cook.
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