The Latest SEO Marketing Secrets That Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

Did you know that you can get 400% more traffic by starting a blog? Knowing is one thing, but you need some marketing savvy if your company is going to compete. 

Working with the best SEO agency can help you get results. If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably still handling a lot of your own marketing. This means you need to know the marketing secrets that the agencies don’t want you to know. 

Arming yourself with these tips will set you apart from your competition and put more money in your pocket. Start with the tips below so that you can revolutionize your brand. 

Get Intentional With Your Link Use

Link building is critical to your SEO success. The best SEO strategy will involve choosing a nice mix of well-researched internal and external links. Study these links for quality keywords, traffic, Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and authoritativeness. 

Your site gets buried when you fail to throw quality links into the mix. Use them frequently, but make sure they don’t distract from the content. 

Always Put Out Killer Content

The content that you create says a lot about your brand. This is how you interact with the world and teaches customers what they should know about you. 

Every brand today should have a blog that is updated a few times per week. This pings Google regularly, keeps your search engine rank high, and makes your brand a trustworthy authority. 

Whip out your camera and start shooting videos for Instagram and YouTube. Learn the SEO principles of both, such as using keywords in the title, researching metadata, and including supportive links. 

Upgrade your hardware and software as you grow. Treat your business like a content engine and continuously upgrade the production quality. The results will keep paying for themselves. 

Go Local and Mobile

Most small businesses today can benefit from local SEO. You can check out this website to learn more about keyword planning and local SEO strategies. 

People today also spend more time on smartphones and tablets, accessing websites on the go. Creating a mobile-ready site makes it easier for people to browse and caters to short attention spans. Take a minimalist approach and test out your site on different devices before going live. 

Focus on Keyword Research

You need to use the right keywords if you’re going to cut through the noise. Niche keywords are best, as they allow you to win digital real estate that has little competition. 

Choose the best keyword density for your content, and use a mix of different primary and secondary keywords. Consider their placement, making sure to include them both in headings and multiple times in the body of content. 

Put These Marketing Secrets to Use

The marketing secrets explained above will give you a fighting chance when competing for attention and revenue. Every company can benefit from rock-solid marketing, regardless of industry or specialty. 

Start with these tips and work toward hiring the best SEO company that you can find. They’ll assist you in creating winning marketing campaigns. 

Upgrade your business knowledge by checking out more of our posts. 


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