Why Rotary Golf Course Mower Is Necessary for Your Regular Maintenance Tasks

Golf course mowing tasks are not as easy as you assume because of some significant reasons such as:- 

  • Turf occupancy in around 30 hectares of land.
  • Different turf heights for different areas of a golf course
  • High precision requirement while mowing

While doing the regular lawn maintenance at home, we don’t pay attention to such things. Mowers are among the primary equipment for maintaining all golf courses. They are not like your lawn maintenance mower. Professional mowing equipment powered with the high capacity engine and multiple blades for cutting. If you search John Deere golf course equipment for sale, a lot of features like rider’s comfort, hi-tech user console and different types of ergonomic designs will appear. When we talk about mowers for maintaining a golf course, two types of turf mowing equipment involve i.e. 

  • Reel mowers
  • Rotary mowers

Today, we will talk about the significance of rotary mowers in a golf course. 

What is rotary mowing equipment? 

A typical lawn mower that we use at home or see in the park is equipped with a helical structure of reel blades. Usually, 5,7,9 or 11 blades are attached with these reels to cut grass with a high level of precision. They are the traditional models available everywhere. On the other hand, rotary mowers work on an entirely different mechanism. Instead of horizontal blades, the turf is chopped vertically. Blades rotating vertically cut down the grass at a specific height. Now the question is, why do we need a rotary mower if reel mowers are already existing? Here is a list of some points to clarify. 

Why do we need a rotary mower for golf course maintenance

  • Faster work efficiency

While talking about the work efficiency of golf course mowing equipment, rotary mowers have an edge over reel mowers. Reels rotate horizontally to trim the grass but the blades take a lot of time to cover a large area. Rotary mowing equipment works much faster because it chops the grass vertically. We need this mower to maintain around half of the turf in a golf course. Reel mowers will consume almost double time to execute the same job. 

  • Work in rough areas

Reel mowers cannot work efficiently in rough areas because of their low profile blades. Even small pebbles can also cause severe damage to the blades that cost substantially. In rough and green areas of turf, you can easily use reel mowers without worrying about the risk. 

Some drawbacks

The John Deere golf mowers of reel mechanism are also necessary because rotary mowers cannot serve all the purposes alone. Here is a list of some drawbacks:-

  1. You cannot use a rotary mower to trim the grass from the low profile. In areas like tee box and fairway, reels are mandatory. 
  2. If you try to use a rotary mower on a fairway or tee box, it will severely damage the roots of the grass. 

From this information, it is clear that both rotary and reel mowers are mandatory for every golf course. They are required more frequently as compared to other equipment like aerator and bunker rakes. Therefore, always choose a branded equipment with a good rating.

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