Who Is Richard Grieco – What Happened Between Johnny Depp And Richard Grieco

Richard John Griecco, who is better known as Richard Grieco, is an American actor and a former fashion model that was born on March 23 of 1965. He is mostly known for playing the role of Detective Dennis Booker, which was aired on Fox, in popular show 21 Jump Street, which aired in 1988 to 1989 and its hularious spin-off Booker, which was released a year after. 

The thing about Richard Grieco is that there are more things to know about him and the good thing is that in this blog, we have listed down some of the most important things that you need to know about him! 

What Happened Between Johnny Depp And Richard Grieco? 

Johnny Depp was in the movie 21 Jump Street, which hit the theaters some time ago, and before he agreed to do a cameo in the movie, he had a cool condition.

Johnny Depp said that he would only do a cameo if they allow a cameo if the cast from the original 21 Jump Street would be included in the movie. 

The thing is that a lot of people thought that Richard Grieco would be in the movie because he appeared at the premiere of the movie, however he was never seen in the movie and the real reason behind that is because the movie stuck to the original Season 1 cast members of the show. 

And to answer what happened between Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco, nothing happened, they are okay with each other! 

Facts About Richard Grieco

Here are some of the best facts that you need to know about Richard Grieco: 

  • Richard Grieco was born on March 23, 1965
  • Richard Grieco is currently 57 years old
  • Richard Grieco is from Watertown, New York, United States
  • Richard Grieco is American
  • Some of the many movies and shows that he has been includes: 21 Jump Street (1987 – 1991), Booker (1989 – 1990), If Looks Could Kill (1991), Mobsters (1991) and Almighty Thor (2011)
  • The name of his son is Dylan Justice Sissons
  • He is around 178 cm tall 

Richard Grieco Movies

Here is a complete list of movies that Richard Grieco has been in:

Title Of The Movie Richard Grieco Role In The Movie
If Looks Could Kill Michael Corben
Mobsters Benny “Bugsy” Siegel
Born to Run Nicky Donatello
Tomcat: Dangerous Desires Tom
Nick’s Game Del Pizzo, Nick
Sin and Redemption Jim McDaniels
Bolt Bolt
A Vow to Kill Eric
The Demolitionist ‘Mad Dog’ Burne
Suspicious Agenda Tony Castagne
It Was Him or Us Gene Shepard
Inhumanoid Adam
Heaven or Vegas Navy
When Time Expires Travis Beck
Against the Law Rex
The Journey: Absolution Sergeant Bradley
Mutual Needs Brandon Collier
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights Sinbad
A Night at the Roxbury Himself
Captive Joe Goodis
Garden of Evil Dean
Blackheart Ray
Ultimate Deception Bobby Woodkin
The Apostate Michael Killan
Point Doom Rick Hansen
Vital Parts Ty Kinnick
Sweet Revenge Frank
Final Payback Joey Randall
Manhattan Midnight Midnight
Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient Express Jack Chase
Last Cry J.C. Gale
Fish Don’t Blink Pete
Book of Days Mr. Finch
Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain Mark
Webs Dean
Phantom Force Mark Dupree
Dead Easy Simon Storm
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang B-Movie Actor
Forget About It Anthony Amato
Raiders of the Damned Dr. Lewis
Almighty Thor Loki
AE Apocalypse Earth Captain Sam Crowe
22 Jump Street Dennis Booker
After Midnight Dr. Sam Hubbard
Viral Video FishyKiller
Cats Dancing on Jupiter Derek Stockton
A House Is Not a Home Rafkin
Viral Video 2 FishyKiller
The Chemist Stone
Eliza Sherman’s Revenge Himself
Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! Dale
Loan Me a Dime Walter Stone
Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece The Albanian
Minutes to Midnight Sheriff Wyatt
Dick Dickster Himself
Impact Event Justice Outlaw
Clinton Road Ghost Truck Driver
Art of the Dead Douglas Winter
I’m Offended Richard
Dream Round Sean McLaw
Attack of the Unknown Vernon
Stay Off the App Brooks
Whack the Don Nick
Jungle Run Nicholas Kiri
Desert Moon Sheriff Del


Richard Grieco Shows

Here is a list of shows that Richard Grieco has been in:

Title Of The Show Role Of Richard Grieco In The Show
One Life to Live Rick Gardner
Rags to Riches Billy Gallento
Who’s The Boss? Mauritzio
The Facts of Life Ben
21 Jump Street Detective Dennis Booker
Booker Detective Dennis Booker
Gargoyles Anthony “Tony” Dracon (voice)
Marker Richard DeMorra
The Marvel Action Hour: The Fantastic Four Ghost Rider (voice)
The Incredible Hulk Ghost Rider (voice)
Veronica Mars Steve Botando
Gone Country 3 Himself
Gigolos Creator & Executive Producer
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Himself
Paper Empire Santiago Ochoa


Do you think we missed out anything important about Richard Grieco? Let us know what we missed out about Richard Grieco by leaving a comment in the comments section below so we can update this article and add the missing pieces right away!

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