Registration of Company in USA has become easier with Professional Help

Now, registration of a company in the USA has become easier because there is no need to travel to the USA or be physically present. As the process starts and is completed online less than a week without going.  Many businesses want to set up business in the USA, which builds more trust in the international customer.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business or you have non-resident Indian customers you can enjoy several USA company registration benefits. There are some reasons you should register a company in the USA when you want to go globally, USA is a developed nation and economic superpower in the world because of its well-developed infrastructure and advanced technology.

With high business opportunities, Indian businesses have a unique chance to explore the American market. With the lowest corporate taxes and well develop business practices USA is the right choice for Indian entrepreneurs. 

Business registration in the USA

If you want to incorporate company in USA then you can easily do it from these ways.

  1. Hire an expert for good advice: You can hire an expert who will help you at every step to done your business registration. When you hiring someone then you should check this is very professional or not. Expert give you legal advice based on your business needs.
  2. Do it yourself if you can: If you know all laws and can take extra effort then go ahead and incorporate company yourself. Be extra careful when you setting up because any wrong filling gets you in trouble.

How to Get Enter in USA market?

First, you need to decide which type of entity you going to form in the USA for your business. Any business you want to do in the USA can of following two types.

  1. C-Corporation: If you establish a company to seek funding from venture capitalists, angel investors, Share market, etc then going for C-Corporation is the best choice for you. It is a common business structure in the USA where liability on each member is limited. In this stocks are an issue and have high growth potential.

The compliance procedure of C-corporation is big than the LLC. And you have to maintain a book of accounts which comply with rules and regulations.

In C-Corporation you do not have a choice as to how it wants to be taxed. You will be taxed as a Corporation only. Thus it will be subjected to be double taxation wherein the first taxed as separate identity then the dividend is taxed on the individual hand as well.

Also, if you want to raise funds in the future you get the advantage of this because in C-Corporation does not have a limit on maximum shareholders. Thus if you need of more fund then you can add more shareholders.

  1. Limited liability corporation(LLC): It is a flexible business structure in the USA and has the feature of partnership firm and corporation. LLC provides tax benefits, limited liability protection, and legal protection for your personal assets.

In LLC you have a choice to be taxed as an individual or corporation that is usually called as “pass-through” entities.

In this, you can be taxed as an individual to avoid double taxation. It means the company will not pay tax or its separate entity, the company is only taxed as income of member-only. If you now want to handle USA registered companies by staying in the USA then you should apply for a Green card for Indians.

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