5 Amazing Tips To Help You Find Quality CBD Products

5 Amazing Tips To Help You Find Quality CBD Products

Did you know that the cannabidiol (CBD) product market is expected to reach USD 47.22 Billion by 2028? That’s because more and more people are using CBD to address a wide range of health concerns. And it makes sense since research suggests that CBD may have numerous benefits — from reducing anxiety and stress to fighting chronic pain and mitigating the effects of chemotherapy. 

Thankfully, shoppers now have access to various high-quality CBD oil products. In fact, there are so many options that it can be challenging to find trusted brands. But how do you know which products are trustworthy with many manufacturers and producers? Keep reading for helpful tips on finding quality CBD products.

Check Previous Customer Reviews


Before you jump into buying any CBD product, research the reviews. You can usually find reviews for CBD products on the company’s website or third-party websites where customers have posted their experiences. This is a great way to get a real-world, unbiased product overview.

Find out how other users felt about the product. Did it help them achieve their desired results? Did it cause any side effects? What is the consensus about the product? If you find that most reviews are negative, you might want to reconsider purchasing that product. But, if most of the reviews are positive, that’s a good sign that you’re probably buying a quality product. 

Keep in mind that many retailers sell products that other companies make. If you purchase from a third-party retailer, you may not be able to access reviews for the products. In that case, you can look for reviews from the manufacturer to better understand their quality.

Find Out Where The CBD Comes From

When shopping for CBD products, it’s essential to know the hemp’s source. Most CBD brands source their CBD from industrial hemp (i.e., plants less than 0.3% THC). This type of hemp is not the same as marijuana. It does not produce a “high,” and it’s widely accepted as a safe source of CBD.

If the CBD is from Marijuana, it might have a much higher THC content, and you should look for a product that has been thoroughly lab tested. This way, you can confirm that it does not contain THC.

Additionally, ensure the plants were grown safely and responsibly. This means it should be free from pesticides or herbicides and cultivated organically.


Confirm If A Reputable Company Makes The Product

Many new and small CBD manufacturers are popping up all over the internet. Unfortunately, this can make finding quality products from trusted brands difficult. 

In your research, you should check out the manufacturer’s website to learn more about their practices. Look for information about their cultivation practices, extraction methods, and product testing. 

To determine whether or not a brand is reputable, you can look at a few different factors:

  • Check out the company’s website. Does it appear to be professional and well-organized? 
  • Are there any detailed descriptions of the product? 
  • Is the information correct? 
  • Do they have an official phone number and email address? 

If the website looks unprofessional, you should steer clear of the product. Next, you should check any social media pages associated with the company. 

  • Are they engaging with customers and answering their questions? 
  • Is the company responding on time? 
  • Do they appear to be legitimate businesses?

Unfortunately, many companies make false or misleading claims about their products. Be wary of CBD products that boast miraculous results or promise quick and easy relief. 

Pay Attention To The Extraction Method

Another essential thing to consider is the extraction method used to create the CBD product. When a CBD product is produced, the hemp (or Marijuana) is harvested, ground up, and mixed with a solvent like CO2 or ethanol. These solvents are then removed, leaving behind a concentrated extract. Since each extraction method has advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to pay attention to the method used. 

For example, CO2 extraction is a clean and efficient technique. It’s arguably the best extraction method. But Ethanol extraction is less expensive while still producing an effective product. But, if you notice that the manufacturer uses ethanol extraction, you should be more cautious. Although Ethanol extraction won’t leave you feeling “high,” it can still potentially cause side effects like dizziness and nausea.

While this method may not be ideal, you can ensure that your CBD product is safe by choosing a product that has been third-party lab tested.

Confirm Product Purity With Lab Testing


You can also confirm the product’s purity with lab testing. Most CBD products will come with a certificate of analysis (COA) that shows the THC levels, the extraction method, and other crucial details. If the COA doesn’t look legitimate, it’s probably best to avoid that product. 

You can also ask the manufacturer for a COA to confirm the product’s purity. This will let you know exactly what’s in the product, including the amount of CBD, THC, added ingredients like terpenes, and other additives.

By U.S. law, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Normal CBD products are completely safe to use and have no side effects. However, high THC content might cause mild side effects like a slight euphoric feeling or drowsiness.



CBD products are a great way to address various health concerns, from anxiety to chronic pain. And while there are many options on the market, finding quality products can be challenging. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make sure you purchase a high-quality product. Follow these tips to find high-quality products from a trustworthy brand and confidently enjoy CBD’s benefits.

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