Plantable Seed Calendar | A Step Towards Environment Conservation

Plantable paper is a seed-embedded biodegradable eco-paper manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste. (No trees are harmed in the making of this paper!) The seeds develop and the paper composts when it is put in a pot of soil. Flowers, herbs, and veggies are all that are left, with no waste. It’s simple to plant and grow; take a look at some of the ways to grow plantable seed calendar or paper.

What is the best way to plant plantable seed paper?

When you’re done with a seed calendar and want to get rid of it, split it up into smaller pieces and bury it in loose, damp soil. Keep the buried paper moist by watering it on a regular basis until a sapling emerges.

The Benefits of Seed-Embedded Products

Plantable commodities are beneficial to both people and the environment. Socially, seed-embedded products can help to beautify neighbourhoods by providing green space and happiness-inducing flowers (or healthful vegetables) in almost any place there is soil. Plantable paper goods are an innovative approach to decreasing waste and repurposing outdated products, and they can also change people’s minds about trash.

Plantable goods can help the environment by promoting reforestation, which benefits soil and wetland health, water quality, and wildlife habitat. They can also inspire people to plant home gardens, which provide much-needed habitat for bees and other species while also being better for the soil than perfectly maintained lawns. Seed paper is typically manufactured from recycled materials and dyed with natural plant colours. Plantable calendar or paper is biodegradable and waste-free when used for their intended purpose. When you consider that the United States produces around 250 million tonnes of trash and recycling each year, any solution that keeps materials out of the waste stream is worth a shot.

Purposes of seed paper:

Plantable seed calendar or paper, like every other sheet of paper, may be made into an infinite number of products.

  • Paper bags: Following online tutorials, you may simply make a paper bag out of this paper. These bags are a great alternative to paper bags, which are difficult to decompose, and single-use plastic bags, which are even more difficult to dispose of. Because these bags are recyclable, they can also help you save money.
  • Origami: Seed paper can also be used for origami practice. This paper’s square sheets can be folded in a variety of ways to create elaborate designs. However, because of the thinness of this paper, the models’ possibilities are limited.
  • Gift wrapping: Instead of using shiny plastic gift wrap, use gorgeous pastel shades of botanical seed paper to make your gifts appear minimalistic yet classy. By giving a seed paper as a present, you are also encouraging your friends to use such environmentally responsible products.
  • Paintings: Handmade seed paper is a wonderful canvas on which to paint or print your ideas. These papers have a texture that makes them suitable for writing, painting, and even printing with water-based organic colours. When framed and mounted, these lovely artworks are guaranteed to brighten up your space. Because seed paper is uncoated, make sure the print isn’t too small to avoid paint bleeding. Also, avoid using printing because the seeds may be crushed.
    Invest in a plantable seed calendar to ensure environmental wellbeing!

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