Phases That are the Foundation of a New Product Launch

Is your brilliant team working on the next big thing? If yes, then definitely, there needs to be an equally awesome launch and marketing plan to spread the word. Nowadays, many companies are guilty of preparing a press release, crossing their fingers, and wishing that the users or investors will approach them; they need to know that there’s a lot more to it than they can imagine. 

Let’s just put it. If you have got big news coming, you need a perfect strategy for the launch. And possibly, this is where the product launch marketing plan comes in. So let’s just get started with knowing what a product launch plan is. 

It is an integrated effort of launching a product to the audience and marketplace. The plan shared for marketing outlines the core message and promotions strategy to meet the end goal of attracting more users and investors for the product/service. 

From creating the ideal promotion messages to having assets keeping up momentum, a huge list of things goes in, forming a solid launch plan for the service/product. Generally, there are three distinct phases that every reliable digital marketing agency in Los Angeles follows – The Pre-Launch, The Launch, and The Post-Launch. 


Before you introduce the product in the market, you need to find some time to understand it better. Try working with your dedicated team to understand the problems that need a solution. Perform user tests and get in touch with them to know more about the product ideology. And most importantly, ask a ton of questions, especially if you are not that familiar with it. 

We have to agree that this somehow focuses on understanding the client’s vision and becoming a product expert. However, the messaging strategy can be created with market research, which bridges the gap with the loopholes and what is not being done to address them. 

The pre-launch stage of a new product launch will include things like: 

  • Where you will promote your message, it could be over your official website, blog, social media, events, and homepage. 
  • Where you will advertise your product. For example, on social media, search engines, or traditional channels. 
  • How to get your product/service picked by media channels. There are two simple ways to do it. The first could be the media outreach, and the next could be through a PR strategy. 
  • Who you will rely on to do all these things. It can be done through a forum, communities, partners, and third-party marketplaces. 


As of now, when you are done with knowing where to promote your product, you will have a thorough set of assets to draw the attention of your potential audience and investors. The launch phase is merely the execution of all the plans you have finalized in the pre-launch. This phase could be shorter than the previous one. It can be finished in a day, week, or it can even take two weeks sometimes. All you need to make sure is to stay focused and be ready to quench the fire. 


Last but not least, the post-launch phase comes in. Just because your product/service is launched into the market doesn’t mean you are done with the work. This phase is dedicated to performing a retrospective, gathering the data to evaluate what went well and what didn’t. 

Additionally, your launched product still needs to uphold and improve upon beyond its existing eligibility. With all the promotions, webinars, free trials, emails, activities, and campaigns conducted by your dedicated digital marketing agency LA, you will have a huge pool of customer feedback that will help you preserve adoption and retention. 

So this is all how it goes with a new product launch. We hope that our piece of information was helpful to you. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments; we’d love to answer them. 

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