A Detailed Skillset Gained After Passing Cisco 300-825 Certification Exam

Do you ever wonder why many professionals opt to get certified? One of the main reasons why certifications are popular among IT individuals is the fact that it highlights a specific skillset that makes them more in demand in their field. Cisco 300-825, for one, is designed to make you a standout in terms of implementing Cisco Collaboration conferencing. So, let’s get into the technical abilities you’ll gain after successfully clearing this exam.

A glimpse of the conferencing architecture

Before anything else, it’s important to understand the conferencing architecture in general. Learn the key features of the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid conferencing solutions through the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. As a relevant call control device, this helps you manage other significant platforms such as Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Expressway, and Cisco Meeting Management, among others. The collaboration architecture topology is also imperative, along with the call flow needed for on-premises conferencing solutions.

Skills emphasized on the test 

After equipping yourself with a solid foundation of the conferencing structure, it’s time to focus on the key processes.

  • Installation and configuration

The first skill given emphasis is how you install and configure conferencing solutions. Get to know about the proper way to install the Cisco Meeting Server and learn how to choose the best deployment method according to the current scenario. These may include single split meeting, single combined meeting server, resilient and scalable meeting server, and Cisco Expressway Web Proxy.

Then, go over the TLS certificate requirements so you further comprehend the Cisco Meeting Server. You are also bound to tackle the importance of Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Expressway for recording, streaming, and external WebRTC access. Likewise, take your time honing your ability in configuring a single combined or scalable and resilient Cisco Meeting Server deployment.

  • Integration

The second core skill circles around your capability to integrate Cisco Meeting Server with Cisco Unified Communication Manager. You are expected to understand the incorporation of Microsoft Skype for Business 2019 with both Cisco Expressway and Cisco Meeting Server. Also, don’t forget the key ways in integrating Cisco Meeting Server with Expressway Core as a neighbor zone as well as the manner in fusing Cisco TelePresence Management Suite with different conferences and endpoints. Other pertinent sections include handling Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and configuring Cisco TelePresence Management SuiteXE.

  • Troubleshoot

The last part is all about your troubleshooting skills. Be diligent in implementing various Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Meeting Management system upgrades and backup. Make sure you grip on the ways of troubleshooting Cisco Meeting Server configurations, diagnosing issues related to SIP signaling, and interpreting WebRTC audio/video quality. Notification panes and log files are critical features of Cisco Meeting Management as well.


Aiming for a technical skillset in Cisco Collaboration conferencing is no doubt a practical way to highlight your knowledge. So, get down to business and begin with your Cisco 300-825 exam journey. Once you pass the test, you are bound to unlock two credible certifications namely the Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Conferencing Implementation and the CCNP Collaboration.

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