Newly Released Paso CBD Vegan Gummies!

From our line of sensational CBD products, comes our award-winning edible of the year 2018 & 2019 – the Paso CBD Vegan Gummies

Known for their delicious taste, chewable nature, and soft texture, gummies are everyone’s favorite time-pass. And what’s better to have a fruity gummy in your mouth that not only relishes you but also provides you with all the amazing health benefits of cannabis?

That’s why we love our CBD edible gummies so much, especially our vegan CBD gummies. Whatsmore, it doesn’t need any tool or apparatus for consumption such as vape oils and e-liquids, you can just carry them about with you and easily pop them in your mouth. 

CBD edibles Gummies are perhaps the easiest and trendiest way of getting cannabis into your system without having to worry about the smoke, the residue, or the hit. Besides, many cannabis enthusiasts who are keen to try CBD may get anxious that it will make them high due to its association with cannabis, but have no fear – here in the UK, only cannabis products that contain 0 THC are allowed to be sold so there is no risk of getting high. 

With all that in mind, we at Paso were eager to develop a range of CBD edibles, specifically gummies that are user-friendly, tasty, but just as effective as other formats. So we came up with CBD edible gummies, but then given how many people requested vegan we decided to develop our CBD gummies in vegan to suit the needs of cannabis lovers from all preferences. 

We always put a special focus on taste above everything across all our products including our CBD gummies vegan so as to make it taste as good as any other sweet treats including normal gummies, chocolates, and candies that don’t contain CBD. 

We also wanted to make sure that our packaging looked stylish and premium so we came up with a stunning tin that safely stores the CBD gummies and is easy to carry about. 

Our CBD gummies in the vegan variety are slightly less strong with about 10 mg CBD content per gummy. They are also a bit sweeter than our CBD edible gummies that aren’t vegan and come in three delicious flavors- apple, raspberry, and pineapple. They really do have a lovely fresh fruity burst or tang with no underlying hemp or bitter taste. 

(Tip: When having a CBD edible like our gummies, always spend suck them before you swallow. This will allow you to absorb a good amount of CBD content before you swallow as it will take an hour or so for the CBD to absorb through your digestive system and for you to feel the effects.)

For more on our CBD edible gummies vegan, kindly visit our website.

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