Matcha Tea Benefits – Buy From The Best Matcha Tea Company

Tea lovers may know a lot about matcha tea benefits. That’s because they have tried and tested all types of tea. Let’s know some of the matcha tea benefits and why people buy matcha tea from the best matcha company.

Matcha Tea Prevents Cancer

Did you know that matcha tea is jam-packed with health-promoting compounds? Ye, these are linked to cancer prevention in the test tubes and animal studies. In one study, it was seen that the green tea extract decreased the tumour size. Plus, it also slowed the growth of breast cancer cells in rodents. This is because Matcha is high in EGCG which is a type of catechin that has strong anti-cancer properties. Another test-tube study released that EGCG found in matcha tea killed prostate cancer cells in many. There are other test-tube studies that have shown that matcha tea is effective for lung, skin and liver cancer as well. In animals, it’s seen that compounds found in matcha tea inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Matcha Tea is Good For Your Heart

We all know that heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. It’s accounted for one-third of all the deaths for people above the age of 35. Many studies show that drinking green tea helps you against heart diseases. Green tea reduces the level of bad LDL cholesterol. That’s how it protects you against heart diseases. It also helps in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. There are many observational studies that say that drinking matcha tea reduces the risk of heart strokes. When it’s combined with a healthy lifestyle and a well-rounded diet, drinking matcha tea keeps your heart healthy.

Matcha Tea Helps You Lose Weight

If you take a look at the weight loss supplements, you’ll definitely see ‘matcha tea extracts’ there. It’s listed in the ingredients. Matcha tea is popular for its ability to enhance weight loss. Studies have shown that matcha tea speeds up your metabolism. It also increases your energy expenditure, further boosting the fat burning process. A small study showed that taking matcha tea extract during moderate exercise burned fat by 17%. Many studies have shown that green tea reduces body weight. It also maintains weight loss.

Matcha Tea is Easy To Prepare

Another incredible benefit of matcha tea is it’s easy to prepare and is yummy. Traditional matcha tea can be prepared with 1-2 tbsp of matcha powder in your cup. Add 2 ounces of hot water. Blend it with a bamboo whisk. And, you’re good to taste the delicious matcha tea.

Before you make yummy matcha tea for yourself, it’s important that you buy it from the best matcha tea company.

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