Learn the Salient Features of Using Automated Commercial Lending Software!

Everything these days is on autopilot thanks to technology; even our cars are starting to drive themselves. Automation and cloud-based technologies are transforming the way we operate in industries ranging from manufacturing to marketing, resulting in improved outcomes for organizations and consumers. Changes in loan origination are being driven by the automation revolution, which is assisting financial institutions like yours in improving loan quality and decision-making, lowering costs, and combating fraud.

Borrowers demand speed and convenience, which necessitates the transition from paper-based to automated best commercial lending software and service capabilities. Balancing borrower expectations with compliance and risk management standards can be difficult, but there are some benefits and for this most banks turn to BankPoint.

Here are four advantages of lending automation:

1. Improved Accuracy

Humans are prone to make ten blunders per 100 steps. This is also true while doing redundant operations, such as mortgage processing. One of the reasons for workflow inaccuracies is receiving the applicant’s data from various sources for verification. Manual data entry might lead to errors, and cross-verification isn’t always an option. It can take a long time to fix such issues in mortgage processing.

The program will make the process easier while also assuring that it is error-free. As a result, processing speed and accuracy have improved. Lenders should adopt origination systems as soon as possible as a result.

2. Better Customer Experience 

Customers nowadays expect excellent service, whether in the form of loan execution or quick answers to their questions. When customers use an integrated cloud-based loan origination software (LOS) and underwriting software systems, they get the following benefits:

  • Unwanted delays are no longer an issue.
  • Human errors and redundancy are reduced.
  • It’s now or never for a positive response.

Thanks to developments in mobile technology, customers may now upload loan applications using their cellphones, which can then be vetted by a cloud-based LOS.

Lenders’ client interactions will extend beyond loan distribution thanks to the dynamic capabilities of cloud technology.

3. Accurate Decision-making

The application review process is aided by mortgage origination software. The program automates certain rules that must be met by applicants in order to qualify. It can assess client characteristics and approve qualified applicants right away.

On the other side, it has the ability to reject applicants with no credit history or who have overextended their credit. As a result, software-assisted automation allows lenders to concentrate their time and effort on growing their businesses.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many lenders employ CRM software to combine all of their main processes into a single centralized system. For example, lenders can see a holistic picture of their activities, processes, strategies, and business by integrating mortgage CRM with their loan origination system, credit scoring service, or any internal tools.

4. Less execution time

Cloud computing has significantly increased peak compute demand while reducing downtime.

With the right cloud-based loan origination and management technologies, businesses can get faster rates of loan approval at various stages of the loan servicing cycle. In less than a month, cloud-based lending platforms may be up and running with a new loan underwriting system that is more comfortable, simple, and consistent.


Financial companies and lenders are already embracing cloud technology to take advantage of cloud-ready technologies for their business needs. It may successfully control expenses, reduce disruptions, and deliver a quick return on investment when used correctly, all while functioning in a virtual environment. The public cloud generated more than $1 trillion in revenue last year, providing businesses more freedom than ever before.

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