Know Everything AAblot ANT Desk Download Form Alice Blue

ANT Desk is a stage or programming that is made for clients that are completely versatile and wealthy in highlights. The work area exchanging application is protected, secure, fast, and gives a choice to merchants to exchange across various sections. Taking all things together, utilizing the graphs, markers, and different elements becomes simpler with the Ant Desk download exchanging application of Alice Blue.

Alongside this, the dealer will get a broad climate for exchanging for each sort of merchant, be it novices or specialists. Jabbering about the stage, we should now jump into view a portion of the noticeable elements of the product.

  • A merchant oversees the exchanging calls.
  • Numerous specialized pointers.
  • Get the potential chance to get exhortation from the specialists.
  • Get day-by-day research reports.
  • Over 10 years of verifiable information.
  • Over 30 days of intraday information.
  • Finish the backtesting.

With such extraordinary elements, it certainly gets a spot in the top choices of a broker. In any case, how do you start receiving the rewards? For that, you need to download the ANT work area. So let us rapidly view the method.


After opening an Alice Blue Demat account, it is the perfect opportunity to download the foundation of Alice Blue according to the inclination. ANT work area which is the work area exchanging foundation of Alice Blue allows you the opportunity to exchange utilizing a solitary screen and that too successfully.

  • In the wake of entering the authority site of the dealer, the time has come to plunge to the keep going and click on the ‘Download’ choice as displayed beneath.
  • Another window will show up on the screen showing various choices like Account Opening, User Manuals, Software, Policy, and others.
  • Select the Software, and from the rundown referenced, select ANT Desk download.
  • Click on ‘Download’ and introduce it in your framework to exchange effectively.
  • Here is the connection to download the exchanging application and begin exchanging immediately.


  • In the wake of opening a record with the stockbroker, the merchant will get the Client Id and Password on the email id.
  • These are the login certifications that you can use to get to the Ant Desk Download exchanging application.
  • Be that as it may, here the brokers need to go through one extra advance of getting an endorsement to utilize the Alice Blue work area application. This should be possible utilizing the Alice Blue-Bot stage.
  • In the wake of creating the solicitation for enacting the ANT Desk, it will be empowered in no less than 24 hours, after which a dealer can effectively execute the exchanges and acquire the benefits by utilizing the ANT Desk Download.
  • When you initiate the exchanging application utilizing Bot, click on ‘Login with ANT.’
  • Enter the User ID and Password and you are good to go to get to the work area exchanging the foundation of Alice Blue.


When the dealer entered the exchanging foundation of the stockbroker, around then the solution to how to exchange Alice Blue consequently gets settled.

  • Utilize the Client Id and Password to enter the ANT Desk Download (in the wake of initiating it physically).
  • Select the supply of your inclination and go through the further system.
  • Fire topping off the snippets of data that have been asked on each new window.
  • After this, the request will get executed with the Alice Blue ANT Desk.
  • With the ANT Desk, a broker can undoubtedly exchange different portions, including items, subordinates, and value.


Before associating with the brand or utilizing the stage, it is human instinct to take a look at the two parts of the coin, i.e., benefits and detriments. So here is an ideal opportunity to get a positive aspect on ANT Desk Download that are the benefits or the advantages of utilizing the stage. In this way, to know more, we should plunge profoundly into the accompanying data.

  • AVAILABLE TO USE PLATFORM: Best to be as cautious as possible. A notable precept characterizes it as better to make such a piece that is dependable and agreeable to use than lamenting something very similar. The ANT Desk Download is an easy-to-understand application that permits solid exchange to the two novices and master merchants.

  • GET CHARTING TOOLS AND ANALYSIS: The following element of utilizing the application is that the brokers will get the potential chance to utilize the creative diagrams and examination of the high level that will assist the merchant with acquiring information on the recorded information for the intraday exchanging. You can see the outline and authentic execution of a load of around 10 years to as least as briefly utilizing its high-level graphs. Further, you can decide to see outlines involving ChartIQ or Trading View according to your need to do a superior investigation of offers.

  • THE STOCK WITH AMO: Supportive for the dealers, for the most part, can’t exchange during the market hours, by offering them the component and choice of After Market Order. Here you can do exchanging explicit offers utilizing this include consequently getting better chances to enter and leave the exchange at the earliest.

  • GO WITH DIFFERENT STOCK EXCHANGES: Aside from BSE and NSE, the stockbroker permits the merchant to exchange with various stock trades, including MCX that will empower you to exchange the product portion. In any case, to exchange items, one requirement is to enact the subordinates section by submitting payment confirmation and other fundamental reports.

  • WARNING AND REPORTS: The dealers get the amazing chance to get more data on every day and examination reports with ANT Desk Download, and aside from this, the agent gives the warnings from the master merchants as well.

  • BACKTESTING AND SEMI ALGOS: The backtesting and procedures can be utilized in the ANT Desk Download, and besides, in the ANT Desk Download, the semi also can be taken care of here and are utilized for backtesting or checking.


Albeit the stage offers you many advantages there are a few impediments excessively connected with the utilization of the Ant Desk. How about we look at the couple among them. To exchange with ANT Desk Download, it is essential to enact the stage physically by raising the solicitation through Alice Blue BOT.

  • The application consumes a large chunk of the day to stack.
  • The choice chain isn’t available for every one of the scrips.
  • Numerous clients grumble about the Alice Blue application not working because of the slow stacking rate or programmed logout while utilizing the application.

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