Key Trends I’m Styling With My Leggings This Spring

Leggings have been my biggest ally in the past few years and I know any woman around the world has at least one pair and totally relies on them. If you are looking to elevate how you look with your leggings, keep reading because these key trends will make you look amazing. 

I’m sure many of us have gradually shifted from using our high waisted workout leggings during the weekend to wear them in almost any of our everyday looks. And let’s be honest, they can even be worn to work, paired with long blazers and trainers and nobody will ever care. 

high waisted workout leggings

Styling such basic but also very versatile pieces is important, but it’s even more crucial to get the right pair of leggings. It’s important to know what to look for when you are buying your leggings. Probably you had to deal with having to go to the bathroom to fix your leggings, and usually, this happens because leggings are made with fine material and have a form-fitting shape. If you want to avoid that is to get high waisted workout leggings. 

Something that is important, and honestly should be non-negotiable, is that your leggings should be completely opaque. If possible, get thick leggings that are a lot closer in feel and coverage to trousers. This spring, leggings are definitively stylish. 


Some of the styles and trends that are popular this spring are split front hems as well as side slits. Also, those super long lengths will cover a high heel fully. These can be considered an elevated version of the leggings, and they will be great to wear on a handful of different occasions. 

If you are wondering how to style your favorite leggings this spring season, then we highly recommend you look for some inspiration on social media and even follow some celebrities who regularly wears sports leggings, so you can get tons of inspiration out of their yoga suits

yoga suits

And we will offer you some tips on how to style yours. If you want to wear leggings for work and go for a split them, ponte, or viscose style. Make sure they are the element of your look that is the most casual. You can style them with loafers or a ribbed knit, or even ballet flats and a lovely stripped-down cotton shirt. 

Don’t look at your leggings as tracksuit bottoms, but more as a replacement for your wide-leg trousers, and this way, you’ll get more ideas on how to style them. If what you want to do is wear them during them, then follow the next tips. Even though, we know some real leggings fans might not need much help in this department, as leggings were the to-go outfits for the weekends. 

tracksuit bottoms

A simple but still stylish outfit can be wearing a nice shoulder bag, hoop earrings, and oversized sunglasses, with your black leggings to add a little bit of glam to your off-duty look. Another pairing is with some trainers that you can consider sleek and also some oversized t-shirts. 

For going out, if you get the right leggings, they will also be perfect for the evening. If you want to get a great silhouette, you should go for a contrast or something form-fitting…. Either an oversized silky top or a fine ribbed knit. In this case, heels are a must. If your leggings have split hems, they will go great and even elongate your legs. Don’t forget the sparkly outfits. 

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