Mahito: The Most Fascinating Villains In Jujutsu Kaisen

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What is mahito?

Mahito is one of the most entrancing reprobates in Jujutsu Kaisen, and a significant enemy close by Sukuna and Suguru Geto. He is a cursed soul aligned with Pseudo-Geto. His gathering’s definitive objective is the annihilation of mankind and eventually supplanting the populace with cursed spirits. Mahito is all that a cliché revile is – noxious, rough, ruthless, and being an extraordinary grade revile, Mahito kicks it up a notch.

Mahito Jujutsu Kaisen develops and develops significantly further, and obviously, is risky. Mahito isn’t dead because cursed spirits can’t be killed, yet rather exorcized. This is the way that carries Yuuji Itadori to a moral issue when he had to kill people misshaped by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. All things considered, Mahito’s presence right now is somewhat of a Schrodinger’s feline circumstance, because of Geto’s uncommon expulsion procedure.


Mahito is a perverted, juvenile cursed soul who appreciates playing with human feelings. He accepts he was brought into the world from human offenses and sees himself as the actual appearance of people’s scorn of one another. Thus, Ma-hito accepts that people ought to be smothered and cursed spirits should control in their place. Mahito has no compassion toward living souls and seems to put little worth on even his own life. He is committed to his objective, accepting that resuscitating Sukuna is a higher priority than his prosperity. However long cursed spirits in the ending rule, Ma-hito cares not if he’s there to see it. Not at all like his partner Jogo, who is exceptionally irritable and haughty, Mahito can remain somewhat quiet and is lively. All things being equal, they settle on similar objectives with regards to their race.

Mahito is additionally extremely philosophical concerning the idea of spirits. He accepts that the human spirit preceded the body and is charmed by the actual idea of the spirit. His cursed method is gotten from this fixation, and he utilizes it to investigate human casualties to acquire further information. He saves his self-control generally however can be noticeably shaken when his wellbeing is compromised as when Yuji showed that his assaults could cause genuine damage to Mahito. Some other time when Nobara Kugisaki utilized her cursed method on him, he was stunned when he was harmed as her cursed procedure can sidestep actual obstruction and assault the spirit equivalent to Yuji’s assaults.


As depicted in Jujutsu Kaisen Mahito is a human-looking cursed soul with an interwoven face and dark eyes. (In the anime, Ma-hito has heterochromia, as his left eye is dull blue and his right eye is dim.) He has long grayish-blue hair that ranges past his neck and is partitioned into three enormous strands with ties at the finishes. Close by his face, Ma-hito has lines all around his body that give him the appearance that he was sewn together.

Mahito ordinarily sports a dark wrap that is isolated into three pieces on the left sleeve. He additionally wears coordinating jeans with and in some cases without white shoes.

Abilities and Powers:

Mahito is an unregistered Special Grade criticized soul that mists the force of something like three of Sukuna’s fingers. He is more youthful than Jogo and subsequently, is less capable and not as strong. Notwithstanding this, Ma-hito is far above what a Special Grade cursed soul would regularly be. He has exceptionally high knowledge and an incredibly hazardous cursed strategy. Ma-hito has extraordinary improvement potential, as indifferent examples, he has created in the fight.

Upgraded Strength: Mahito has incredible actual strength. He cruelly beat Yuji Itadori in their subsequent battle, enough to make the last option hack up blood. While transforming his body with Idle Transfiguration, he conveyed a catastrophe for Yuji that was so strong it caused him to drain from the brow. Mahito guaranteed that assuming he had returned to it more, he might have parted Yuji’s skull. He could without much of a stretch annihilate various Mechamarus and was sufficiently able to nail down Nanami.

Upgraded Speed: Mahito additionally has massive speed. He had the option to barrage past Nanami’s watchman in their battle when utilizing Idle Transfiguration. He had the option to surpass Yuji and assault Todo so quickly the main thing he could do was to concentrate his cursed energy.

Upgraded Reflexes: Mahito has eminent reflexes. When battling with Yuji and Todo, he had the option to respond to their assaults and counters. Ma-hito even stayed aware of Todo’s Boogie Woogie to a degree. He even without any assistance battled both Yuji and Nanami, all while avoiding their assaults and countering very quickly.

High Intellect: Mahito has an extremely high savvy ability, particularly for a cursed soul. He was precisely ready to deduce that jujutsu alchemists were examining him and had the option to layout a snare for his followers. Ma-hito can likewise derive his adversary’s ability level and surprisingly their cursed method later only a couple of trades.

Upgraded Durability: Mahito is especially hard to kill. Not exclusively does his cursed procedure render actual assaults pointless, however even Ma-hito’s spirit is very impervious to harm. Nanami endeavored to smash Ma-hito’s body, however, he went through their whole fight without communicating that he felt any aggravation in any event, when assaults landed. At the point when Yuji had the option to hit Ma-hito’s spirit and both jujutsu magicians overpowered Ma-hito, he had the option to endure the hardship and open another power as opposed to permitting his body to disintegrate under the strain.


  • Mahito positioned 25th spot in the manga’s first Character Popularity Poll with 946 votes.
  • Mahito’s name rather amusingly means the genuine individual.
  • Ma-hito is the most loved Jujutsu Kaisen character of Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia.
  • Mahito is the main person who showed up independently on two separate manga volume covers, Volume 6 and Volume 15.


Mahito might be shallow and juvenile in his driving forces, however like Nanami notes, he is an incredibly strong rebel. Particularly one whose character is suggestive of, in all honesty, Satoru Gojou. Similarly, as Gojou was set in opposition to Sukuna from the earliest starting point of the series as a commendable rival, Ma-hito shaped a comparative relationship with Itadori. Itadori is significantly more than never going to budge on obliterating Ma-hito, since the time he lost a few groups that he focused on the miscreant.


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