Everything You Need To Know About John Adams Morgan

John Morgan is one of the richest American Businessmen who was formerly a sailor and Olympic champion.

His birth name was John Adams Morgan and is also known as the ex husband of Sonja Morgan, a famous American television personality. Morgan was born on september 17, 1930 in Oyster Bay Town, New York. He is 90 years old (as in 2022) and adheres Virgo as his zodiac sign. The businessman who is American by his nationality weighs 72 kgs and measures 5 feet 9 inches of height.

John Adams Morgan & Family

John’s father Henry Sturgs Morgan is a huge businessman and the co-founder of Morgan Stanley. He was a great player in a multinational financial services company. John’s mother, Catherine Lovering Adams and brother Henry Strugis Morgan Jr were also close to him during his childhood. John got married more than three times in his life and last got separated with Sonja Tremont. He is now happily married to Connie Morgan. Here is some more information about his marriages and personal life.

  • In 1953 John got married to Elizabeth Robbins Chaote. She was the daughter of Robert Burnett Chaote. Their marriage lasted for 4 years and in 1957 they got divorced.
  • Then in 1962, John got married again to Tonia Goss who was the daughter of Natalie Holbrook and Chauncey Porter Goss. And within a few years they got divorced for some unknown reason.
  • In the year 1998, John got married to Sonja Morgan who is a famous American television star. In the year 2006, these two got divorced but before their divrce they had a daughter named Quincy Adams Morgan.
  • In the year 2010, John got married to Connie Morgan, and is now happily living his life with his wife. John has three children— John Adams Morgan, Jr., Chauncey Goss Morgan, Quincy Adams Morganbusi

Facts About John Adams Morgan

John did his schooling from Groton School (situated in Groton, Massachusetts). He graduated from there in 1949. He further attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. And later on, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts qualification in 1953. John loved investing money. His estimated net worth is more than 100 million $ USD. According to some authoritative sources, he did make a lot of money as a banker. And later on, he continued his family business, which helped him enhance his wealth to a great extent.

Talking about the business career of John Adams Morgan, he was a partner in Dominick & Dominick from the year 1956 to 1966. It is a financial service company that helped John make a lot of money. After this from 1966 to 1982, John worked as a Senior Vice President in charge of the Corporate Finance Department at Smith Barney.

The Olympic career of John started in 1952 when he won a gold medal in the 6-meter class with the boat Llanoria. Currently, John Morgan lives in his own Caritas Island. It is a 3.5-acre private island compound off the shore of Stamford, Connecticut. The property is  said to be a 26-room, 14,000-square-foot house initially constructed in 1906.

John Adams & Sonja Tremont

John Adams Morgan was aware of the relationship between Sonja Tremont, his wife and Dorinda Medley. After Adams ended his marriage to Sonja, most of the people were seen fooling her. And even Dorinda was upset after losing her husband due to cancer. Later Sonja informed that it was not John Adams Morgan who left her but her who left Adams. Recently in 2019, while talking to one of the famous Daily Beast, Sonja said that she was cavalier about her marriage with Adams. And there was nos such scene or drama created. Both of these people were in love with each other but broke up in the end. She even said that the couple is still in love but however not together and hurt about the separation.

Awards & Achievements by John Adams Morgan

John Adams Morgan is one of the renowned business persons who has managed to collect many portions of riches. As a successful businessman, John worked for many big names. And one of those was the last U.S. president, banker and a popular financier J.P. Morgan.

Talking about his personal life, his marriage with the television star, Sonja Tremont was also a reason for the high popularity and media attention he gained. Sonja is a member of the popular show, ‘Real Housewives of New York’. Hence she was quite a famous personality to be specific.

John Adams has also worked as a Chairman for Morgan Joseph Company, participated in the Summer Olympics, Helsinki that took place in the year 1952. Over there he managed to achieve a gold medal award for six meter class accompanied by boar LIanoria. Later from 1966 to 1982, Adams worked as Sr. Vice President of the Corporate Finance Department and also as the Vice Chairman of merger and acquisition activities of the Smith Barney firm.

John worked as a director and an executive committee member in Smith Barney International Company too. Then till the year 1998, he served as Director for Upham & Co. Inc; TriMas Company and many other companies like Furnishing International Inc and Metaldyne. Lastly, John Adams Morgan is known to serve as an executive member trustee for the New York Company, Provident Loan Society and then joined as a director in Pierpont Morgan Library Company.


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