Install Anti-slip Stair Nosing to Prevent Injuries on a Staircase!

Stair nosing is an integral part of staircase design, both for private and commercial settings. Nosing is referred to as a horizontal edge of a stair made up of a variety of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood, where we often place our feet as we walk up and downstairs. It is fitted with non-slippery material or surface to prevent injury from trips or falls, increasing traction. Commercial or industrial staircases cannot be built without an anti-slip stair nosing which offers a fair share of benefits such as:

Enhanced Safety

The sole purpose of installing stair nosing is to improve the safety of the staircase. Moreover, it is installed in such a way that it sticks out a little over the edge providing some extra space for users to place their feet. This feature specifically benefits taller individuals by making walking up and down the stairs more comfortable, reducing mishappenings from slips and falls.

Improves Visibility Of Staircase

Missing a step or misjudging the width of stairs leads to falling down the stairs and other serious injuries. Installing a stair tread nosing can enhance the visibility of each stair, defining the edges of each stair clearly and allowing users to walk up and down stairs without tripping over. Individuals with bad eyesight or the area with poor lighting can be greatly benefited by installing stair nosing.

Protects The Staircase

Mindfully chosen stair nosing protects your staircase from potential wear and tear. This is especially beneficial for commercial stairs that are in use round the clock and are prone to damage easily. The occurrence of less damage implies less maintenance in the long run.


Nosing improves the overall safety of the staircase as well as the users going up and down regularly. It provides an increased surface area for the users to clearly see and place their feet accurately on the surface, simplifying their movements. Rubber and ribbed aluminum nosing are specifically used in a commercial setting to offer extra grip, eliminating the chances of trips and falls. Moreover, installing nosing increases the lifespan of a staircase by preventing regular wear and tear of the area at the end of a stair tread. Choose the type of stair tread nosing mindfully among wooden, aluminum, or vinyl, taking into consideration the intensity of usage of the staircase to make it last longer.

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