Importance of Data Protection Law in the UAE

Although the UAE doesn’t have extensive data protection law at the federal law, it has several privacy and data protection laws. The constitution provides general privacy for residents. There are also sector-specific regulations that provide protection rights in specific situations.

The UAE has many laws to protect your privacy and data. For instance, Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on combating cybercrimes; makes it illegal to relay any information that was obtained electronically using unauthorized means. The law also makes you responsible for your actions if you use an electronic information system or any other information technology tool to offend, attack, or invade another person’s privacy. You can report phishing, fraudulent, or impersonations to Etisalat and Du to be taken down.

What is Data Protection?

Data protection is safeguarding crucial information from loss, compromise, or corruption. This also involves making data available in all situations. Data protection refers to data recovery and operational data backup.

Data protection strategies involve data availability; this ensures that data is available to users even if it is lost. The other strategy is data management which is divided into data lifecycle management and information lifecycle management. Data lifecycle management involves monitoring the movement of important data for online and offline storage. Information lifecycle management, on the other hand, is an extensive strategy for cataloging, valuing, and protecting data from virus and malware attacks, user and application errors, disruptions, and machine failure.

Why Data Protection Law is Important

As more people and companies embrace the digital era, there is a growing concern about how consumer data is used. The data protection law is beneficial to organizations in many ways as outlined below.

Consumer Confidence and Satisfaction

Compliance with the data protection law proves to your clients that your firm can be trusted with their data. As a good custodian of this crucial information, your company needs to have a team to oversee the process and to maintain the system. You can consult an expert from a law firm in Dubai to help you understand how you can appoint a data protection officer and conduct audits.

Prevents Data Breaches

Data breaches happen when information is taken or stolen from a system without the owner’s authorization or knowledge. A large or small organization can suffer a security breach. If this happens you need to consult a law firm in Dubai for advice on the steps to take.

Compliance with the data protection law involves using strong security measures to protect all vital data through all stages; this includes collecting, storing, accessing, processing, sharing, transmitting, and disposing of information. Establishing these controls protects consumers’ data and prevents data breaches that could harm them. It also means that the organization maintains consumer trust and does not have to deal with civil suits, penalties, or fines.

Brand Value

Did you know that security breaches can damage your company’s reputation? Organizations that strive to protect their customers’ information show that they care about consumer privacy. This creates an emotional connection to the brand and improves its value. Improved brand value attracts loyalty and more customers. Loyal customers buy more and are willing to pay extra; they also refer people to your business which grows your organization.

Adhering to the Law

Most businesses have extensive organization ethics or policies; even those without have to adhere to ethical practices if they wish to continue operating. These policies ensure that businesses will handle all confidential information responsibly and will not use it to harm. The data protection law prevents companies from using consumer information for their benefit. This is because it can expose this data to unwanted communications, identity theft, etc.

Improved Data Security

Many large firms around the world have experienced cyber security breaches. The data protection law is important because criminals are improving their tricks every day. The law protects from cyber-attacks and outlines the consequences of such actions. According to Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 concerning cybercrimes, it is illegal to disclose any details acquired illegally by electronic means. The law also holds you accountable for using such information to offend, threaten, or invade other people’s privacy.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

One of the benefits of adhering to the data law is that it helps your business by cutting costs. It prompts you to get rid of any irrelevant legacy applications and data inventory. By updating your data inventory, you reduce data storage costs by merging stored information. You’ll no longer have to worry about data maintenance costs which would have demanded infrastructure maintenance and many work hours.

Data protection law is important for the country, organizations, and individuals. It safeguards against security breaches, cyber-attacks, identity theft, etc. The law is not just an obligation; it allows you to embrace new technologies to improve your business and cater to your customers. Data protection law is beneficial because those who do not adhere to its provisions suffer the consequences.

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